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This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PAS: In the Best Interest of the Abuser?

For the original article click on the link above. They (militant feminists) all seem to have the same article information and statistical base but adapt it to their latest crusade. In this case Alec Baldwin's new book to be released today. PAS: In the Best Interest of the Abuser? Is parental alienation syndrome a mental disorder or a defense? >Joan Dawson (joanied40) Is Joan Dawson an enabler of child abuse?View : 5 , 0, 1 Mike Murphy, 2008/09/24 00:46 I've read this kind of very tragic misinformation before and it is usually from radical feminists who become blinded by gender wars rather than use logic. Parental Alienation is usually introduced into a dispute by a mother targeting a father but not exclusively. What Dawson and others of her ilk seem to overlook is men can - and do - perform this same activity. Is she defending the men who do it as well? Dawson uses the same playbook as her other radical feminist cohorts by trying to debunk Gardiner, who is now dead and can't defend himself. The fact that it is not yet defined as "mental illness" seems to give comfort to those who either defend it or believe it doesn't exist. Read Dr. Richard Warshaks "Divorce Poison" and many other recent professional assessments of Parental Alienation. Dawson reminds me of all those religious zealots who didn't believe the world was round way back in the day. She should hope it doesn't happen to her and then she will know what it is like to walk in Mr. Baldwin's shoes - and mine. In the mean time she is one of the many radical feminists who cannot step outside the box they are locked into dealing with gender issues to see that this behaviour does exist and all she does is enable those abusers who think of children as nothing more than pawns in their war against the target spouse be they male or female.


Anonymous said...

Using fictitious "syndromes" that have debunked and discredited to award custody to child abusers is a very serious issue. "Parental alienation" is the catchphrase that convicts - the mother. No evidence is needed to accuse it, just a frightened child complaining of abuse. Even when there are verified findings of abuse, parental alienation is FALSELY accused against the child's protector. It's impossible to defend against a ficitious syndrome that is not in the DSM, it cannot be scientifically verified in any way, it does not meet the standarda of evidence established in the Frye and Daubert rulings of the US Supreme Court. This phony syndrome is an abuse excuse. It allows abusers another way to abuse their victims, by removing frightened children from their protectors.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Thank you for your comments. You are getting caught up in the propaganda war raged by militant feminists that because a behaviour and its results are not in the APA DSM-IV it is bunk. Parental Alienation of a child is real just as someone coming up to you and slapping you across the face is real. That the person who slapped you is not diagnosed as having a mental illness doesn't make it any less real.

The next iteration of the DSM (Vs V.)is 2012. Perhaps it will show up then but even if it doesn't it is still cruel treatment of children by a parent directed toward a target parent with the sole purpose of channeling hatred by proxy.

Those of us who are going through the alienation of our children are living an emotionally tortured existence and we know the end result of the alienation of our children from us is one of the worst forms of child abuse imaginable.

Don't get hung up on "syndromes" otherwise you will ignore the behaviour that is as real as the slap in the face, only far and away the worse thing that will ever happen to you.

I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. Debate on a serious issue like this is essential.

Anonymous said...

Dream on.

Besides being unscientific, it's used as a defense by abusers and ignores other accountability factors. Moreover, it is not "feminists" you are up against. It's writers, advocates, professionals, organizations and associations. Credible organizations have debunked PA/PAS they will NEVER accept it - it was self-published, debunked, SALS is crap, etc.

If you really want to pretend (and use in your PR) that you are up against the "evil feminists" go right ahead. You're not fooling anyone but yourselves.

Michael J. Murphy said...

I can then only assume you think abusing a child in this manner is OK. You are obviously not well informed in the real world of pathological abuse of children nor have you read many of the professional assessments such as Dr. Warshaks "Divorce Poison", or of Dr. Amy Baker.

You have my sympathy and I pity the children who you think are not harmed by this behaviour. You remind of of the religious zealots who thought Galileo was a heretic for saying the earth revolved around the sun instead of, the then, conventional belief. Some day you will be surprised to learn of the damage the parental alienation behaviour has. That you do not understand now implies you are probably caught up in radical feminist ideology rather than rational thought.

A slap in the face is real. It doesn't have to be a syndrome for you to know that and pathological alienation of children by one parent targeting another whether it is male or female is just as real in its devastating effects. What if it is a man who who does it targeting his female spouse and gets custody of his children. Is it still junk or is he just another abuser?

You anonymous are an enabler of child abuse - pure and simple.