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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mindelle Jacobs - Male Bashing Again with skewed statistics

My letter to the editor on the latest Jacobs diatribe against men. From: Mike Murphy Date: 2008/10/21 Subject: When violence hits home To: mailbag@edmsun.com Cc: mindy.jacobs@sunmedia.ca, Jeremy Swanson
Columnist Jacobs certainly has a grudge against men given the slant she gives her prose and statistics. She quotes Stats Canada but doesn't tell us if those stats are both male and female combined DV in the two provinces. It is clear, in the Statistics Canada data, that the ratio of DV is almost equal between male and female. It is also clear that many reports of rape and DV to the police are false. Did Ms. Jacobs account for this. One of the ongoing problems for men is they do not report DV in the same proportions as females for a variety of reasons and this skews the statistics. I have been attacked many times by my ex, once with a rake handle about 5.5 feet long and another with a ten pound jug of water she bounced off my head in front of our children. On many other occasions she has physically attacked and threw things at me. In addition she has attacked the children due to her emotional control and mental health problems. When she attacked me with the rake handle I defended myself so I would not be killed and she fell down due to the momentum she created when swinging it at me. I defended myself by taking advantage of the momentum when she missed me. She then said I attacked her. Is that one of the statistics you are reporting. Self defense by men being attacked? The emotional and financial abuse will help fill a book I am writing. What perplexes me the most is why Ms. Jacobs doesn't provide more balance in her opinions. I know she is doing an opinion piece but the frequency of her male baiting and diatribe gives one the impression she harbors misandric thoughts about males. Is this appropriate? Does she think, as many feminists do, that a difference of opinion between partners is DV? Does she think if a man raises his voice in a discussion where there is a difference of opinion that he is violent or prone to violence? What trauma has she suffered at the hands of a man (men) to want her to deride us so much? If this were a man writing about females you would be stormed by radical feminist writers about how you should allow such hate to occur in your paper? They would tell you the man is clearly misogynistic. In any event Ms. Jacobs has little creditiblity with "real men" when she so expertly selects her statistics, just as "real women" would ponder her motives as well. DV is inappropriate no matter the gender of the parties, including lesbians who, if you look, bash each other both physically and emotionally with great frequency. We are seeing divorces now occurring and are hearing very similar stories of Parental Alienation and DV. Gosh how can that be possible when it is female upon female abuse? Ms. Jacobs should take a close look at this and write it up for her "Sisters" in the feminist fraternity (whoops sorority?) to call attention to homosexual DV as well. -- Michael Murphy Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 6J8 A Fathers Rights Activist from the East I wonder how a feminist, in principle, can work for a paper that puts scantily clad "Sisters" called "Sunshine Girls" in each edition as all of those in the Sun Group do. I guess a job is a job, eh! I'm just saying that someone with her feminist principals would have more gumption to assert to her employer it is inappropriate to exploit her "Sisters" in that manner. After all haven't most men's locker rooms been "cleaned" up of these kinds of pictures because it somehow can be considered anti-female and sexist. I am not suggesting for one minute they should be eliminated, no siree! I'm just saying....
Tue, October 21, 2008
When violence hits home

While spousal violence has declined over the years, it, nevertheless, constitutes a shocking 15% of all police-reported violent crime in Canada.

Quebec and Alberta are the worst cases, where spousal abuse accounted for 20% and 18% of violent offences in those provinces, respectively, in 2006, Statistics Canada reported recently.

If there is a silver lining here, it is that most spousal violence (61%) involves common, or minor, assaults (although any kind of assault is clearly unacceptable).

Major assaults comprise only 14% of spousal violence, followed closely by uttering threats (11%) and stalking (8%).

Spousal homicides are, thankfully, rare. Still, they represent 17% of all solved killings in Canada. And, in my mind, judges are not always treating domestic-related killings with the seriousness they deserve.

Earlier this month, an Alberta Court of Queen's Bench justice decided that the 10-year minimum sentence for second-degree murder was enough for a man who attacked his estranged wife and stabbed her boyfriend to death in 2004.

He originally received a lighter sentence, after the trial judge accepted his argument that he was provoked into a rage when he found his estranged wife in bed with her boyfriend. His original sentence? Nearly nine years for manslaughter.

Absurd defence

Fortunately, the Alberta Court of Appeal realized how absurd the killer's defence was and convicted him of second-degree murder instead.

He and his wife had been separated for months and he lied to get into her building, the appeal court noted. Arguing he was somehow provoked into slashing her in the face and stabbing her boyfriend 37 times was ridiculous.

He was just another angry, jealous guy getting back at his former partner because their relationship had ended.

Unfortunately, when he headed back to court for sentencing on the second-degree murder conviction, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Lawrie Smith ignored the Crown's request for a 20-year sentence before parole eligibility.

While the murder was "brutal and shocking," the killer isn't an ongoing danger to the community, Smith said.

True, he's unlikely to murder anyone else. How many killers go on to kill again? That's not the point. What's significant here is that he accomplished what he apparently set out to do in cold, calculating fashion -- disfigure his ex-wife and kill her new lover.

If this horrifying case of domestic violence doesn't cry out for a sentence far above the minimum 10-year term, I don't know what does.

There have been numerous cases over the years, in fact, where perps in domestic violence-related killings have been treated comparatively lightly despite the well known dynamics of family violence.

Public awareness

Yes, the rates of spousal homicides have been declining over the past three decades and that has much to do with greater education and public awareness. Family violence was once shrugged off, laughed at and swept under the carpet.

All the more reason for a serious crackdown on people convicted of spousal killings or other related murders sparked by rage and jealousy.

Domestic homicide is unlike any other crime because of its murderous entanglement of sexuality and emotion.

As part of their justice reforms, the Harper Conservatives should raise the minimum sentence for second-degree murder to 20 years for spousal-related killings. No mercy for these thugs.

Two other letters by activists follow:

From: pclem@nospamjuno.com

Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 8:15 AM

To: mailbag@edmsun.com

Cc: mindy.jacobs@sunmedia.ca

Subject: Domestic Violence

To the Editor,

Your columnist, Mindy Jacobs is at it again. Of course, this is October, "Domestic Violence Month," and every card carrying radical feminist with access to the public feels obligated to add her bit to the castigation of men. Please note the first line of her diatribe: "15% of all police-reported violent crime..." and how she morphs into an assumption that every police report is an incident of actual violence,"spousal abuse accounted for 20% and 18% of violent offences". Any lawyer will tell you that false reports are commonly used to enhance the woman's case in a majority of divorce and custody cases. Furthermore, men aren't conditioned to think of a marital disagreement as a "crime", and thus fail to report it to police. The truth is, men are victimized by domestic violence in equal numbers.

Moreover, Jacobs is referring to "spousal abuse", and thereby ignoring the DOUBLED rate of violence against women BY women in lesbian relationships.

The feminist agenda is anti-male, not anti-violence. The stereotypical methodology, exemplified by Jacobs, is to hang their ideological claims on one isolated instance. Even then, she doesn't tell us if the man in question was angered by a false accusation prior to catching his wife in an adulterous act, even more so by the injustice heaped on him by the courts. Sure,he was angry, but did the boyfriend attack him first? Was the injury to the wife incidental to the fight between the two men? No matter, Jacobs obvious intention was to turn this into a show-case for her anti-male ranting. Next, we expect she'll be calling for life inprisonment for a slap on the face

"Der Schwesterschaft Uber Alles"

Paul Clements

Gaffney, SC, USA

Senior Contributing Editor: IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD

From: Robert Hebblethwaite [mailto:b.hebblethwaite@nospamrogers.com] Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:40 PM To: mindy.jacobs@sunmedia.ca Cc: Jeremy Swanson Subject: Regarding your comment
As part of their justice reforms, the Harper Conservatives should raise the minimum sentence for second-degree murder to 20 years for spousal-related killings. No mercy for these thugs.

I just wish that when you write these articles, and use terms such as "Thugs", that this pertains to both genders. If not, could you please start doing so.

If and when, you and the rest of your colleagues start doing so, is when you will see these issues few and far between.

Did it ever occur to you that she wanted to get caught in bed, I know my ex wanted to. Fortunately enough I had the restraint.

You poke at a lion in a cage with a stick. Do you honestly think that the lion is going to sit there and watch you when the cage door gets open.

Start looking at the reality of things Mindy and report the whole story.

Should her husband had gotten a "Life Sentence"?, you're damn right he should have, along with every other person that commits the same crime regardless of gender.

These problems will never go away until people like yourself and others, start writing the whole story out.

We just had an issue here in London court where the judge found both parties guilty of domestic violence. Care to see which side got written about.

Have a look for yourself.

http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2008/10/08/7014346-sun.html (ed note: doesn't work)

The media can be linked as a contributor to these acts, considering they only write what they want the public to see.

Start writing the whole story Mindy, if anything else, it will make you a better writer.

Robert Hebblethwaite

12 - 140 Conway Dr

London, Ontario


Founding Member:


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