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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How much discrimination for dads exists ~ Seems like a new one pops up frequently

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Father files suit to get daughter's report card

Last Updated: 15th January 2009, 8:35am

Milton Grace, a divorced father, says school staff are arbitrarily taking sides with one parent. (Alex Urosevic, Sun Media)
Milton Grace, a divorced father, says school staff are arbitrarily taking sides with one parent. (Alex Urosevic, Sun Media)
A divorced father of three has filed a lawsuit against the Toronto District School Board to see his daughter’s report card.

Milton Grace, 49, filed a statement of claim against the board and North Albion Collegiate Institute Monday demanding release of his 16-year-old daughter’s academic records, a written apology and a declaration that school staff failed to comply with the Education Act by not releasing the latest report card.

“They have refused to issue (the report card) to me,” the registered nurse told the Sun. “I have open access. I pay support. There is nothing in the court documents that says I’m a bad parent.”

According to the court documents, Grace claims his daughter’s teacher told him in December her attendance, participation and performance in school were poor and required improvement. When he asked school administration last week for his daughter’s report card, he was denied it and told she was “doing well.” The last report card he has for his daughter, from February 2008, “illustrated her poor academic performance and attendance.”

The statement of claim has yet to be proven in court.

TDSB spokesman Kelly Baker said the lawsuit was a legal matter that the board cannot discuss publicly.
While Grace says his daughter gave him her report card in February, getting the report card from her this time isn’t an option.

“I haven’t spoken with my daughter because there are issues with her and her mother,” he said.
“I talk to them but we don’t get along very well.

“I still feel I should have access to the report.”

The couple have been divorced since 2004 and, while his wife has custody, Grace was awarded open access to the children, the documents state.

Being kept in the loop on his daughter’s education is important, Grace said, adding he wants to see his daughter do well in school and graduate from university, like his older daughter.

“My interest is her academic performance in school, her education, that’s my focus,” he said. “The school is preventing me from doing the right thing as a parent.”

Grace’s statement of claim says school staff “collectively have taken side with one parent ... in doing so, they have exercised poor judgment, acted inappropriately, unprofessionally, arbitrarily and discriminated against a divorced parent.”

The statement goes on to charge that in denying Grace access officials are “not acting in the best interests of (his daughter).”

Grace stresses the lawsuit against Canada’s largest school board is not frivolous.

“Parents should know their rights,” he said. “When you do have a parent that genuinely shows interest in the development of their child, their academic performance and their progress, then this kind of parent gets slopped around, ignored, it’s terrible.

“I’m not taking it sitting down.”

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I agree that the father should be allowed full access to his child's report cards. The school should be supporting everyone one involved to the best of their abilities without showing more support towards one parent over the other.

If the father wants to be actively involved in his child's education, good for him. Society has turned to the point where parents want to push a lot of the duties on to the school and not take interest in their own children. This is wrong!

As for Pete, I can see why you are not married. While you appear to be an intelligent person, you are ignorant to what is going on in society. I would suggest you wake up, smell the coffee, have a shower and go out and get an education that will include learning to spell.
Keith, January 15th 2009, 12:51pm

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