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Friday, February 20, 2009

News South Wales in OZ ~ Government gets figures wrong on violence

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MEDIA RELEASE – For immediate release – Friday 20th February 2009

Government gets figures wrong on violence

The NSW Government’s Discussion Paper on the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Strategic Framework has been criticised by a leading men’s health organisation for overinflating statistics on domestic violence prevalence for female victims while at the same time understating the prevalence of male victimisation.

In a letter to the Violence Prevention Coordination Unit, Greg Andresen from Men’s Health Australia writes that “Violence is an important issue impacting upon the health and wellbeing of our communities, and every effort should be made to reduce its incidence and impact. We believe that any approach to reducing violence must be developed through robust debate based upon accurate representation of the best data available to us.” He then details a number of serious and misleading errors within the Discussion Paper. The Government’s errors include:

• Falsely claiming that the majority of assaults experienced by women are perpetrated by intimate male partners (the actual figure is 30 per cent)

• Falsely claiming that women who report violence in intimate relationships are significantly more likely than men to experience repeated acts of violence (actually women and men reporting violence by previous partners in intimate relationships experience repeated acts of violence at similar rates)

• Falsely claiming that males do not have prior experiences of violent relationships (actually 6 per cent of males and 17 per cent of females have prior experiences of violent relationships)

• Falsely claiming that males rarely experience post separation violence (actually 367,300 Australian men have experienced previous partner violence since the age of 15)

• Falsely claiming that, compared with male victims of domestic violence, Canadian women are three times more likely to be injured as a result of violence (actually similar percentages of female and male victims sustain injuries)

• Falsely claiming that, compared with male victims of domestic violence, Canadian women are five times more likely to require medical attention or hospitalisation (actually male victims of spousal violence are almost twice as likely as female victims of spousal violence to suffer major assault)

• Falsely claiming that women are over five times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men (women are less than twice as likely to be killed by an intimate partner as men are).

Men’s Health Australia is calling upon the NSW Government to use the correct, readily available facts when addressing domestic violence. “We are surprised and disappointed that the main government department dealing with domestic violence could be so misinformed about the reality of domestic violence, and could mislead the public so profoundly,” said Mr Andresen.

“These misleading statistics could easily impact upon the funding and provision of services to male domestic violence victims across NSW. Don’t all victims of violence deserve assistance whether they are female or male? Domestic violence is a community issue, and community solutions are unlikely to be effective if they are based on the Government’s inaccuracies. Inflated and misleading statistics only serve to create an unwarranted level of fear and alarm within the community.”

Media contact: Greg Andresen | media@menshealthaustralia.net | 0403 813 925

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