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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tamil protesters block road to Parliament for 3rd day

The following comments were left on the CBC site in response to a story that had Wellington street blocked off by Tamil Tiger cheerleaders bringing their war with Sri Lanka home to Canada. Some comments left on the CBC site by Mike Murphy at 2:25 pm. If this were a Fathers-4-Justice protest against Family Law (Flaw) practiced in this country that marginalizes fathers, creates fatherless homes, creates social problems for children and throws them in jail for loving and wanting to see their children here is what would happen within minutes: 1. The Emergency Task Force Unit (SWAT) would be dispatched 2. The streets would be closed off to isolate the protesters 3. Tear Gas or stun grenades would be used 4. The protesters would be stormed with automatic weapons pointed at their heads 5. It would all be over within minutes if the protesters were at street level if not hours if it were a bridge as were these malcontents. 6. The protesters would be arrested hauled off to jail and would not get out without bail 7. They would be taken to court, prosecuted and jailed with a permanent criminal conviction. There is a several tiered justice system in Canada. If you are a white male you are at the top of the food chain for being charged, prosecuted and convicted. All the rest get discounts of various kinds. If you are a visible minority supporting a known terrorist group such as the Tamil Tigers or Hamas/Hezbolah you will get a discount and those who are in charge will lose their family jewels. In this case it is the brave management of the Ottawa Police. Who says white males in Canada are running the show? Fairy tale tellers who call themselves gender feminists - who also get big discounts from the justice system. Who runs the people in charge of many police forces, judges, politicians and the media - Gender Feminist doctrine. Thank goodness Jason Kenney seems to have some family jewels. Mike Murphy Andy Warhol - "I am a deeply superficial person."

Tamil protesters block road to Parliament for 3rd day

Last Updated: Thursday, April 9, 2009 | 4:50 PM ET Comments322Recommend93

Protesters shut down a portion of Ottawa's Wellington Street Thursday as a demonstration calling for the Canadian government to help end the war in Sri Lanka continued into its third day.

Police warned morning commuters Thursday that Wellington Street was closed between O'Connor and Elgin streets, but announced by the time of the evening commute that all of the streets had been reopened.

Overnight, protesters from the University of Ottawa had set up a red tent in the middle of Wellington, which demonstrators circled Thursday morning, waving many Canadian flags and a few Tamil Tiger flags.

Police and protesters converged on Parliament Hill on Thursday as a demonstration supporting Tamils in Sri Lanka entered its third day. Police and protesters converged on Parliament Hill on Thursday as a demonstration supporting Tamils in Sri Lanka entered its third day. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC)

Police removed the tent just after 11 a.m., but protesters remained on the street until around 3 p.m. when Wellington Street was reopened to traffic.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced Wednesday that the Canadian government would not associate with anyone who flew the flag of the Tamil Tigers.

The rebel group is banned in Canada as a terrorist organization.

The flag in question shows a tiger and two rifles — an emblem of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the rebel group in Sri Lanka.

"Where there's clear public insignias of support for an illegal terrorist organization such as the Tigers," said Kenney, "that's a pretty clear indication that it's probably not a prudent place for representatives of the government of Canada to be consulting people."

Some protesters disagreed with the designation of the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization.

"They're actually freedom fighters, they're fighting for our freedom," said Bobby Gana, who had come out to show her support on Parliament Hill.

Others disagreed with the interpretation of the Tamil flag.

Tamil demonstrators continued their protest Thursday morning, shutting down a portion of Ottawa's Wellington Street. Tamil demonstrators continued their protest Thursday morning, shutting down a portion of Ottawa's Wellington Street. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC)

Ghormathie Thevaraajah, 21, goes to school at York University in Toronto, but came to Ottawa to support Tamils in the demonstration.

"To outsiders it may seem like it's a terrorist flag — it's a Tamil Tiger flag — but I have news for you people, it's not," she said. "This is a flag that represents the Tamil people."

Thevaraajah said demonstrators would be willing to adapt if the federal government would meet with them.

"If the flag is the thing that's holding them back from coming and meeting with us, we're willing to fold our flag down — fold it down, not put it away," she said. "What matters most to us is that Canadian government acts to implement a ceasefire in a nation that has no care for humanitarian issues."

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