I have met and heard the tragic stories of many parents. PA is a function, by and large, of a custodial ex-partner, although some alienation can start while the couple is still together.

This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maurice Vellacott, MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin Media Advisory Equal Shared Parenting PMB # C-422 Introduced

Maurice Vellacott, MP had the opportunity to present a one-minute Member’s Statement (SO31) in the House of Commons today at 2:10pm, shortly before Question Period. The following is what he said. Also note the Media Advisory below:
Unfortunately many Canadian families experience the break-up of a marriage. When this happens, the results can be devastating for children. Children are caught in the middle but should not be used as a weapon or alienated from one of the parents.
Aside from proven abuse or neglect, Canadians want Equal Shared Parenting to be the presumption in our courts when marriages break up because it's in the best interests of children and because it's part of an enlightened Equality Agenda.
A recent poll, I commissioned, conducted by Nanos Research shows that 78% of Canadians support Equal Shared Parenting, with a high of 86% support in Quebec.
More women than men support Equal Shared Parenting at 78.3%.
And among supporters of major political parties, about 78% of Conservatives support Equal Shared Parenting. 75.8% of New Democrats were supporters. 80.6% of Liberals supported Equal Shared Parenting. And 83% of Bloc supporters endorsed Equal Shared Parenting.
An Equal Shared Parenting Private Member's Bill was introduced in Parliament today. I urge you to support it and expedite its passage through Parliament.
Maurice Vellacott, MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin
Media Advisory
Equal Shared Parenting Private Member’s Bill Introduced
Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009; 1 pm
From: Maurice Vellacott, MP (Saskatoon-Wanuskewin)
To: Media
Re. Press conference to announce Equal Shared Parenting Private Member’s Bill
Where: Charles Lynch Press Conference Room 130-S
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has written, “These groups demanded that the ‘custody and access’ regime created by the Divorce Act of 1985 be replaced with a ‘shared parent’ regime in which both parents are given equal rights to bring up their children. These are sensible and overdue suggestions, and the fact they are being made shows that men and women are struggling to correct the rights revolution, so that equality works for everyone.”
MP Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) will be speaking on the introduction Tuesday of Private Member’s Bill C-422, which would direct courts in regard to divorce, to make equal shared parenting the presumptive arrangement in the best interests of the child, except in proven cases of abuse or neglect.
Vellacott will be joined by Quebec MP Stephen Blaney, Liberal MP Raymonde Folco, John Menear, Barrister & Solicitor and Founding Member of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council and by Kristin Titus, Co-President of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council.
Polling from the past two years demonstrates overwhelming support from Canadians for equal shared parenting. There is slightly more support among women than men for equal parenting. This strong support from almost 80% of Canadians exists across the country, with the strongest regional support coming from Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Canadians claiming to be Liberal and Bloc supporters, expressed the strongest endorsement for equal shared parenting, at 80.6% among Liberals and 82.9% among Bloc Quebecois supporters.
Countries, such as Denmark, Belgium and Norway, as well as some U.S. states, have implemented equal parenting, joint custody or shared parenting presumptive legislation, resulting in lower court costs, less conflict and improved social outcomes for the children of divorce.
– 30 –
For further comment, call (613) 992-1966 or (613) 297-2249
Maurice Vellacott, MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin
Avis aux médias
Dépôt d’un projet de loi d’initiative parlementaire sur le partage égal du rôle parental
Date : Mercredi, 17 juin 2009, 13 h
De : Maurice Vellacott, député de Saskatoon-Wanuskewin
À : Médias
Objet : Conférence de presse pour annoncer le projet de loi d’initiative parlementairesur le partage égal du rôle parental
Endroit : Salle de conférence de presse Charles Lynch (130-S)
Le chef libéral Michael Ignatieff a écrit que : « Ces groupes ont demandé que le régime des droits de garde et de visite créé par la Loi sur le divorce en 1985 soit remplacé par un régime de partage du rôle parental dans le cadre duquel les deux parents ont tout autant le droit d’élever leurs enfants. Il s’agit de suggestions judicieuses dont la mise en œuvre a trop tardé; leur formulation témoigne de ce que les hommes et les femmes luttent pour corriger la révolution des droits et faire en sorte d’obtenir l’égalité pour tous. »
Maurice Vellacott, député de Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, prendra la parole mardi lors du dépôt du projet de loi d’initiative parlementaire C‑422, qui exigera que les tribunaux, dans les causes de divorce, appliquent systématiquement le principe de partage égal du rôle parental dans l’intérêt de l’enfant, sauf dans les cas avérés de mauvais traitements et de négligence.
À M. Vellacott s’ajouteront le député de Québec Stephen Blaney, la député de Libéral Raymonde Folco, John Menear, avocat et membre fondateur du Conseil canadien pour le rôle parental égal, et Kristin Titus, co-présidente du Conseil canadien pour le rôle parental égal.
Les sondages des deux dernières années confirment que la population canadienne appuie massivement l’égalité du rôle parental, l’appui étant légèrement plus élevé chez les femmes que chez les hommes. Près de 80 % des Canadiens d’un bout à l’autre du pays soutiennent l’idée, l’appui le plus vif se manifestant au Québec et dans les provinces de l’Atlantique. Les plus fervents partisans se réclament du Parti libéral et du Bloc québécois, soit 80,6 % chez les partisans libéraux et 82,9 % chez les partisans bloquistes.
Des pays comme le Danemark, la Belgique et la Norvège, ainsi que certains États des États-Unis, ont mis en œuvre des dispositions législatives privilégiant le rôle parental égal, la garde partagée ou le partage du rôle parental, ce qui a permis de diminuer les frais judiciaires, de réduire les conflits et d’améliorer le sort des enfants du divorce sur le plan social.
– 30 –
Information : (613) 992-1966 ou (613) 297-2249


Anonymous said...

I think this bill will see more abused and neglected children in the hands of parents on a power trip. The one's who say they want equal time, and then when they actually have the children, they neglect them, or use the time solely to take productive time away from the primary parent. I would think most judges would and should be offended that they can't make those decisions without having this bill.
This is ridiculous, solely introduced for all the power trips out there.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Hmmm...are we not being just a little selfish denying equality to both the child's biological parents.

Many think those who deny equality may have a personality quirk or two whereby they hate their ex more than they love the children.

If one parent is not fit then evidence must be produced to determine if equal/shared parenting with co-residence is not in order.

Judges currently give the mom custody in a 9-1 ratio. If this were anything other than bias against men there would be a civil rights outcry.

Why should there even be a primary parent and a visitor called dad? Your view of the world is a big part of the problem and in most cases the arguments made have no substance or are a fabrication.

You hurt your credibility badly when you state ...want equal time, and then when they actually have the children, they neglect them,... This is absolutely bogus. In the USA and Oz moms are the greatest predators and killers of their children in concert with the boyfriend and in the USA moms the greatest abusers of their children also in concert with the boyfriend.