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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Most women prefer working for men

Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods, a study has suggested.

Businessman and woman: Most women prefer working for men
Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods Photo: GETTY

Many female employees also like having a man in charge because they are 'more authoritative' and 'more straight-talking' than their female counterparts.

Women rated men 'tougher', 'better at delegation' and also more likely to regularly dish out praise.

And men were also hailed as being better decision-makers and having more grasp of the business overall than women do.

It also emerged four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their immediate superior.

The survey results were revealed in the wake of Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman's comment that men "cannot be left to run things on their own".

On Wednesday, a spokesman for http://www.OnePoll.com, which carried out the research, said: "The results make interesting reading as there were pros and cons to both sexes.

"The research found while women are good at dealing with employees' personal issues within the office environment most felt men were better at 'steering the ship'.

"Men were also revealed to be better at having an overall vision of the direction the business was going to take over the long-term.

"But women were better at dealing with those slightly uncomfortable issues that pop up from time to time because they were felt to be better listeners than men.

"On the other hand many women felt they could do as good or even better than their female boss while only a handful said they could emulate their male manager.

"The results do paint a picture of men being a bit harder and more driven, but that isn't always the kind of approach which is needed.

"So perhaps Harriet Harman was right when she said there should be a management team made up of men and women to balance things up."

The study of 2,000 women in full or part-time employment asked whether they would prefer to have a man or woman as their immediate line manager.

Some 63 per cent expressed a male preference, while only 37 per cent opted for a woman.

The results also revealed one in six women who currently work under a woman is experiencing 'underlying tension' between themselves and their boss.

A host of reasons emerged for the male preference including a feeling female managers felt threatened by other women at work.

A failure to leave personal problems at home was also cited.

Other issues included a lack of flexibility over leaving early or starting late.

But despite the worries, female bosses did score highly on the more personal side of the manager/employee relationship.

They were revealed as being approachable, more trustworthy and more compassionate in a member of staff's time of need.

The research also revealed 66 per cent of women are currently happy in their job amid the recession, while only one in 20 said they would be looking to change jobs in the near future.



BlogVlogCafe said...

I laugh at this because if you were to show these statistics to any feminist there would be hell to pay and you would be a sexist!

Another thing that is ridiculous is the fact that such studies are going on. Don't people the only purpose to these studies is to bring up sexist debates and to prosecute anyone who stands up and says look at this, men are just as good as women.

All these studies do are cause walls between the "better" and "lesser" sex. The fact is, is that the only factor to measure in the work place efficiency is that of character not sex. Sex has nothing to do with it.

It also comes down to social trends and character for why women would prefer a male boss. A lot of women DON'T LIKE OTHER WOMEN! Or at least not until they get to know them better, and they put up walls to block themselves from doing this.

Anonymous said...

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