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This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fathers 4 Justice UK leads charge for Family Law reform in the UK election

The move by the Conservatives  is very good news even from across the pond in Canada. It's gratifying to see the O'Connors back in the advocacy campaign for families and children's rights to have both parents in their lives.

The only question remains why did they have  Facebook sites shut down as noted in the comments below and what are the motives behind this late move. If you read the Facebook page O'Connor has running on F4J you would think he was God's gift to both marketing and children.MJM

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Tory backing for family law change

12:33pm Saturday 10th April 2010

THE reformed Hampshire-based Fathers 4 Justice campaign group has won Conservative backing for a change to family law.

The Tories have agreed a ten-point action plan which includes legal backing for shared child contact between separated parents.

They are promising to include the family law reforms in their general election manifesto next week.
Nadine O’Connor, wife of Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O’Connor, has taken over the running of the controversial organisation which became known for its high profile stunts which saw costume-wearing dads scale Buckingham Palace, disrupt Parliament and take over a live National Lottery broadcast.

Nadine, who lives in Romsey, said: “This is the game-changing announcement we have been working towards.

“We look forward to working with the Conservative Party on ensuring this commitment becomes a reality for the thousands of children and families whose lives are blighted by the family courts.”

Romsey and Southampton North Conservative candidate Caroline Nokes is backing the move.
She said: “Families really are the bedrock of our community. I welcome the announcement and look forward to the ten points being implemented after the election.”



HeartBrokenDad said...


This is in fact incorrect. Matt O'Connor is still very much in the game and up to the same old tricks.

The very first thing he did, was to get a number of fathers groups on Facebook closed down, totalling well over 8000 members, including F$J US, Real Fathers For Justice, New Fathers 4 Justice and even Families need Fathers.

They have done little or nothing in the last 18 months, but have now decided to try to create some self publicity out of the work of a few tireless souls who have been working away behind the scenes with the Conservatives.

I have personally been to a number of policy changing meetings set up by the Conservatives after pressure from a number of people (not including O'Connor) and O'Connor and the rest of his misguided followers have not been present.

All this man is interested in is himself and probably pocketing more money from vulnerable fathers pockets.

Any who are following this man - should think again and do a little research first.

Tim Line

Michael J. Murphy said...


Thanks for the update. If he has not consulted those who stayed in the game it is a pretty callous move by O'Connor. He seems to be playing the role of the alpha male here jumping in as an opportunist.

The summertime soldier returning to the battle as an unprincipled actor is a little like the old style carpetbaggers in North America. Not great company.

Doing it for self-aggrandizement rather than for the children is not overly good optics on his part. I wonder if we will hear more in terms of his motives that would be believable.

It would behoove him to explain. He hasn't, as yet, responded to my email asking for clarity.

HeartBrokenDad said...
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HeartBrokenDad said...

He has played with those who truly want change and who still cannot see their children for a great many years. Dropping the reins and then picking them up again whenever he chooses, without caring about the suckers that gave him their money or put their trust in him.

Last time he left the F4J membership in the cold he was fairly unequivocal as the following link in his words show. I tried back then to show the world what the real O'Connors were like, to try and prevent others ever putting their misguided faith in him again.

He makes it quite clear what he thinks of F4J and it's members here:


Just A Dad said...

Thank you for all the work you do in bringing the issue of Parental Alienation into focus.
I have added a link to your site on www.evilsofpa.blogspot.com I’m asking you to include a link back from your site.
I believe that all victims of PAS have different experiences and views into this terrible problem that is destroying so many families and making family court lawyers rich. I would like to know your idea and your readers opinion as to child support. Money seems to be a reward and incentive for the alienation. Should child support payments be limited to what the state provides (pays a foster parent) to a foster child home?
Are family court attorneys a part of the problem?
How does the court system need to change to address the issue of PAS?

Just a Dad