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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dallas Area Rapid Transit ~ DART's misandric marketing approach using men as its target

The following is a sample of a comment I have left on a number of Dallas newspaper/media sites. To read Mr. Ragland's column click on this link and then come back. Ragland started out "disturbed" by the ads but by the end of his column was soliciting donations for new ads to support the original ones in question. Needless to say he comes across as a wimpy, all over the map kind of person without a backbone. He ought to be ashamed of himself. His logic is that of a highly feminized person who doesn't "get it". http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/localnews/columnists/jragland/stories/110108dnmetragland.38f48b4.html?ocp=2#slcgm_comments_anchor
Posted by MikeMurphy | 18 hours ago

Mr. Ragland: You don't get it. Did you do a survey of the people in the shelter to see why they are present. How many were addicts, how many were in transit from somewhere else, how many were hiding from the police - but falsely saying they were abused, how many were there for other reasons but lied about abuse. We will never know because these questions are never asked. You take it at face value that the increased demand for services is directly related to DV. If so you are naive and have fallen into the same trap as the family court system and politicians. The mantra is - if a female says she is abused by a man - it must be so! That is not necessarily the case. Lesbians are pretty violent with one another to the point of stabbing a spouse over 200 times with a screwdriver. Then she blew her brains out in her back yard. This was just last week to the east of you. The stats show that both genders are pretty much equal in terms of initiation of violence. It is also true females kill and injure their children more than men by a wide margin. Do you support an add that states "please help me because my mommy will more likely kill me than my daddy" by a little white girl. Would that cause you to want to seek donations of $5.00 to help the little girl? When this shelter and all others become gender neutral and supply services equally and they state they really want to end DV by all parties then we will be getting somewhere. In the mean time just hope your wife doesn't attack you with a garden rake handle or a ten pound jug of water and bounce it off your head or in a fit of rage swings her fists at you. Then you will truly be frightened at what females can do. Until then you don't have any credibility with me.

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from Mike Murphy reply-to mjmurphy@nospamgmail.com to gthomas@dart.org cc vburke@dart.org, bgomez@dart.org, mlyons@dart.org, NJohnson@dart.org, Glenn@glennsacks.com, Jeremy Swanson , pjones@dallascvb.com, membershipf4j@nospamyahoogroups.com, info@familyplace.org, Kris Titus date 30 October 2008 13:16 subject DART's misandric marketing approach using men as its target mailed-by gmail.com 13:16 (24 minutes ago) To: Gary Thomas President/Executive Director Dallas Transit Authority via fax and email Mr. Thomas: I've been observing with great interest the unfolding of the story with respect to your organizations use of children to promote hatred of men by allowing signs on your vehicles. Did you do the same thing when African-Americans were relegated to the back of your transit buses? I'm not certain if it occurred in a similar manner but to scapegoat one gender, with hatred, combined with absolutely incorrect information is misleading - to be as kind and gentle as I can. Is this indicative of the community of Dallas as a whole? According to what I have read your organization has indicated it "meets community standards." Does your mayor and council also support it? Did you know that advertising must meet certain standards of truth otherwise it can be deemed to be false advertising. Perhaps complaints have already been made to the regulators repecting truth in advertising? I find it difficult to believe you can rationalize scapegoating close to 50% of the population when DV is equally likely to be initiated by either gender. Did you know that females are far more likely to kill or harm their children. Did you know the level of dysfunction rises in single family female homes? Did you know children do much more poorly in these environments. For the facts on this go here parentalalienationcanada.blogspot.com/.../mothers-commit-vast-majority-of.html or to the source in the U.S.A government here. www.acf.hhs.gov/.../index.htm. If one includes emotional abuse through things like Parental Alienation then the stats will reflect an even higher number of abuses and stressors. I think its clear men and fathers do provide a great deal to the stability and lives of their children, but courts - as do you, routinely dismiss us to the margins resulting in many of us only seeing our children 14% of the time - if we are lucky. I also adore females, with the possible exception of my ex and the radical feminist left, but your approach drives a divisive wedge between genders. I have also read the Director of the DV Shelter, Paige Flink, who has to be a card carrying member and leader of the feminist left, ordered these ads makes with benefits and expenses, over $170,000.00. That is a very lucrative position. It would appear there is a large incentive to market her product to drum up business at the expense of men so she can keep her very large salary rolling in. Part of the roles and responsibilities she has with her $7,000,000.00 budget is to provide for the indoctrination of the clients and their children which includes the words in the ads. They "educate" children on the evils we men do, however false, much of which is at taxpayers expense or through donations individually or through such charities as the United Way. They then further "educate" the female on how to emaciate the man as best they can through the legal process. Ironically, some of these abuse complaints are false. I find it incredulous that these shelters would spend so much on administration and vest so much money in the salary of one person. Does a school principal, in charge of hundreds of children's education, make this kind of money? Given my above comments would you be amenable to ads targeting mothers who kill or injure their children in far greater numbers than men. Of course you wouldn't so how could you do this to men? Your conspiracy, with the Director of this DV shelter, to spread hatred about a gender has spilled over to other countries around the world, including mine. It is pretty clear to me, as a man and a father's rights activist, I am not welcome in Dallas and will never entertain spending my money in your community or using your product. I will cc a copy of my letter to your Mayor, Mr. Leppert, and Mr. Jones of the Dallas Visitor and Convention Bureau. Dallas has another black eye with a very large population of people on this planet. I do note, however, the Family Place's website is being updated somewhat to include both genders. This is a good step. Michael Murphy Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 6J8 (705) 971-0505 Fathers Rights Activist and proud former full time 24/7 father of 4 daughters cc Philip Jones, President/CEO Dallas Visitor and Convention Bureau, pjones@dallascvb.com 214-571-1010 City of Dallas Mayor,Tom Leppert via Fax: (214) 670-0646 Paige Flink, Executive Director, The Family Place Gary Thomas, President/Executive Director, Dallas Transit Authority via fax 214-749-3655 This is a TV excerpt from Headline News and Glenn Sacks debating the DART ads.

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