I have met and heard the tragic stories of many parents. PA is a function, by and large, of a custodial ex-partner, although some alienation can start while the couple is still together.

This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby"P" ~ A child tortured by his mother and boyfriend.

This case is more than tragic. It is an abomination and a component of the manner in which family courts handle custody cases by automatically granting the mother "ownership". I'm too upset to comment lucidly on this right now but one of my F4J's colleagues sits in a British prison right now for standing on one of the senior government members houses, the Deputy PM Harmen. He has the courage to tell the government that he loves his children and wants to see them. The dad in this case appears to have been falsely accused of abuse, which is pretty standard, and was lucky to have even seen his child as many men cannot due to false accusations levied by vindictive ex's. Would anyone have believed him if he saw injuries and reported them. Would his ex have denied him further custody if he made the charge his child was being abused. More later.MJM

'I loved him very deeply,' says natural father of Baby P in emotional tribute to son

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 12:06 AM on 15th November 2008

 Baby P

Grief: Baby P's father described him as 'a bouncing 17-month-old boy' who would shower him with hugs and kisses

The natural father of Baby P said today that he remembered his son as 'a bouncing 17-month-old boy' who would shower him with hugs and kisses.

The 44-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'I loved him deeply. I remember how he used to run up to me... or when he was in his pram he would bounce up and down until I took him out, giving me hugs and kisses.'

He added: 'Those who systematically tortured P and killed him kept it a secret. Not just from me but from all the people who visited the house up until P's death.

'Even after he died, they lied to cover up their abuse.

'The verdicts will help to bring closure for what has been a very traumatic time for me, P's family and indeed all those who knew and were close to him.'

He thanked all of those who helped bring justice to Baby P and asked for privacy.

'I would like to thank the police for their efforts in obtaining the evidence to bring a conclusion to this case.

'I would also like to thank the social workers who have been involved since P's death. They have acted with professionalism and courtesy.

'Finally, I wish to thank my family and friends who have given me comfort and support during this traumatic time.

'At this stage, I intend to make no further comment. I would ask you to respect my privacy and that of my family.

'Please allow us to get on with our lives and rebuild our futures.'

Baby P's parents married in 2003 but split up within three months of his birth in March 2006, after his mother had two affairs.

She told police that her husband was a violent alcoholic who had beaten her, but relatives have questioned her version of events.

They said that she was a 'slob' who left all the housework and child care to her husband.

Despite that, he made several attempts at a reconciliation with his estranged wife, who was 17 years his junior.

 Baby P

These shocking images reveal some of the horrific injuries Baby P sustained in his short life

He continued to make child support payments to her.

She repeatedly told him she was not interested in a reconciliation but hid from him the fact that she was living with a sadistic new boyfriend, who had a history of torturing animals.

Baby P's father's comments come as the Government came under fire for 'bureaucratic buck-passing' over the case.

It has been revealed the defenceless baby was already enduring the start of the campaign of torture that led to his appalling death, but ministers did nothing more than pass the information on to another department.

Tory leader David Cameron said: 'This is an absolutely tragic case of a baby who seems almost literally to have fallen through the cracks of a bureaucratic system.

'If letters are sent with both Haringey and children in the same sentence, then that should have been a real wake-up call.

'It seems that what may have happened is that bureaucratic changes in how inspections are carried out didn't help.

'And it also seems that everyone is saying that procedures were followed rather than actually asking who was responsible and why didn't they act.'

Gordon Brown pledged today that he would do 'everything in my power' to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.

Speaking on a trip to New York, the Prime Minister said: 'I am determined that everything we do, the inquiries we are having in this case, reveal everything that went on.

'But I am absolutely sure that, like me, every parent in the country is outraged and shocked by what has happened and angered about what happened to that infant.'

It emerged today that a whistleblower wrote to ministers and inspectors six months before Baby P's death to raise concerns about Haringey's child protection services.

Haringey is the same local authority that was heavily criticised for failing to prevent the murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in 2000.

The three people convicted of involvement in killing Baby P were warned today that they faced 'substantial' terms in prison.

Old Bailey Judge Stephen Kramer told the child's mother, 27, her 32-year-old boyfriend, and lodger Jason Owen, 36, that they should not be fooled into thinking otherwise because he had ordered pre-sentence reports.

They will be sentenced on December 15.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Zoompad.

I do wish all the real fathers would disassociate themselves from this Pareental Alienation Syndrome, because what is happening right now is that decent men are being co-erced into going down the PAS road by greedy law firms - they are not interested in anyone's welfare except their own wallets.

There are a lot of women who have suffered domestic violence from ex partners, and some of these women have been battered or molested in front of the children. These women are being re - victimised by the use of the PAS label.

But there are also many men who are becoming seperated from their partners and naturally, they want to carry on sharing the responsibility and joy of raising their family. What is happening is that these men are being encouraged to go down the PAS route, so then the women become afraid, because once a woman is accused of PAS she might as well wave bye bye to her children for ever, as the secret family courts will swoop down on her like hawks on a mouse, and this is more than likely why some of the women falsely accuse the men of things that they have not done.

Look, the people who are doing this stuff are oppressing all of us, men, women and children! All they care about is money and power! If they really cared, they would open up these secret courts. These courts are destroying families, they are ripping them apart. They are stealing children for the forced adoption industry, and some of these poor babes are ending up with paedophiles! I rather suspect that a good many of them are dead. In Essex they are covering up the stats, they are not allowing the children access to their own adoption papers until they are 93 years old!

Men and women should work together to fight this evil that is destroying family life for all of us.

I am a child abuse survivor. I was put into "care" as a "place of safety" because I was abused from the age of 11, and I know what those dirty dogs do. They blighted my life, and many people that were in the Pindown system ended up dead prematurly. The man who invented PAS was a pervert, and those evil people have conned many good fathers to use that syndrome. Use your head, and don't let the secret family court con artists use you. Decent men and women need to work together, not be goaded into fighting each other. I tell you, there is a paedophile ring behind all of these secret family courts - why do you suppose the real reason that they want to keep this stuff secret - it certainly isn't for the good of the children. They've done ECT on some of these poor children, to "cure" them of PAS. Brain shocks, yes, they have even done it on a 14 month old infant! This is the sort of evil stuff they are doing.

Michael J. Murphy said...

I think your intentions are well meaning but you are deluded if you think Parental Alienation was/is invented firstly by a 1) Pervert 2:) Being used by greedy lawyers to coerce men.

Both arguments are fallacious. Those of us who are impacted by PA do not need anyone to tell us, particularly gullible people like you, that it does not exist and that Dr. Gardner was a pervert. You have been taken in by the Gender Feminist book of mythology. Secondly Lawyers are greedy there is no mistake about that but most do not have a clue about PA but are learning about it from advocates like me.

In Canada we have many organizations of men and women who work together to try and change laws. PA affects both men and women and either gender can be a victim in addition to their extended families who get denied access to their nieces, nephews, grand daughters/sons.

I wish you well but you need to better understand the true facts regarding your views of PA otherwise you will not get anyone who has been affected by it to join with you.

NinoskaXX said...

It seems that you are somewhat unfamiliar with the case you cited in your example. Just to clarify, I am NOT AT ALL DEFENDING AT ALL WHAT WAS DONE TO THIS INNOCENT ANGEL. I truly believe that ALL involved in this particular case deserve the death penalty. I do not believe any type of reform is capable for the creatures who participated in the torture and murder of this child.

But under that umbrella of responsibility, the father of this child is just as responsible; and I do not feel this is a case of parental alienation.

You pointed out that he is 17 years older than the mother of the baby. What you don't mention is that she was 16 when she became pregnant with his first child. She was 16, he was 33. I'm not even going to get into her childhood background, but just believe me that it was FUCKED! Every adult in her life hailed from one Dante's circles of Hell. She was the perfect victim for an older man trying to hold on to his youth.

This father, the alienated one, had four children with this unfit mother. By the time Peter came along, he already had 3 older sisters. I do not believe for one minute that this father did not know his children were in a toxic environment. When he visited with the children, he would keep them for whole weekends. How could he not notice the signs of physical abuse on his son? When he bathed him... when he changed his diapers... when he put him in his pyjamas at night... How could he not see the bruises, the cuts, the missing finger nails, the shaved head, the dog bites on his scalp, the ripped ears...?

A parent who starts to play that custody game, is on the constant look out for the most minute abnormality they can jump on, as proof that the children should stay with them. And, his visitations with his son included the presence of the 3 other witnesses that must have demonstrated dysfunctional behavior, and had to have said something to their father that would have raised an alarm.

The "mother"/breeder, has no interest in actually raising her children. She just wanted the financial support the state provided her with. Do you truly believe that she would have declined the father's offer to take the children off her hands? Hell no!

But finally, this is what separates Mothers, from fathers... When a mother feels that her children are in danger, there is NO COURT IN THE WORLD that will keep her from protecting her children. It's genetically encoded in our DNA. Had that child not died, he would still be living in that house, tortured and damaged, and everybody, including his father, would continue to turn a blind eye to his and his sisters suffering.

I am not saying that there are men who are abused by the system. There are. There are women that are also abused by the system. And there are children that are abused as well, by the same system that vows to protect them. I am not at all dismissing your position. I'm simply stating that in this particular case, THE ONLY victims were the children; everybody else, from the "stepfather" who punched the baby hard enough that he made him swallow a tooth, to the social workers who saw this child 60 times in his short 17 months of life, are all the perpetrators. All of them, without excuse. Including, the "alienated" father.

I realize this comment is a year after your post, but this particular case resonated with me in such a violent way, I will not ever forget it. On and off, I google his name, for any updates, and this time around, I ended up on your blog. I hope that whatever heartache motivated you to start this blog, has since been resolved, and you're able to have some sort of comfortable and peaceful relationship with your children, and their mother.