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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Murderous Lesbian Lovers Still Loose, Cops Say ~ Americas Most Wanted on the Case

Here is a couple of females whose profile has all the appearance of being hostile. Is this a mistake? You be the judge.
Murderous Lesbian Lovers Still Loose, Cops Say

In this week's "Bad Girls" episode, we'll tell you the story of Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson. Cops say Loesch and Hanson are lesbian lovers who met in prison and teamed up with a hit man to devise an elaborate scheme to knock off both of Loesch's parents.

Before the dirty deeds were done, police say Loesch took out a life insurance policy on her mother and made out with a hefty paycheck: more than $500,000. Now, AMW is teaming up with investigators to unveil the details of a diabolical plan that cops say left two people dead, and to put these bad girls behind bars for good.

AMW's Robert Brown was part of the crew who met with Brad Steckman, the hit man who police say played an integral role in murdering both of Loesch's parents.

While investigating the story, Robert learned that shortly after Loesch and Hanson declared their love for one another, Loesch's father, Gary, declared his disapproval for his daughter's gay lifestyle.

Three years later, Gary was shot to death during his morning newspaper route.

The case went unsolved for years. But in 2001, after Steckman was convicted of killing an 89-year-old woman during a robbery, cops say he confessed to helping the girls plan Gary's murder, as well as electrocuting Loesch's mother by dropping a television -- modified to deliver a lethal dose of electricity -- into her hot tub.

What's more, Brad says to ensure that she was dead, he and Loesch held Mrs. Loesch's head under water for several minutes.

"Loesch took out a life insurance policy on her mother," Robert said, "and the girls put together a plan to make her death look like an accident so they could make off with the money."

And cops say that if the hit man had not started snitching, these bad girls might have gotten away with it.

Robert added that the most disturbing part of talking with Steckman was listening to him casually describe the details of multiple premeditated murders.

"It didn't seem like taking the lives of at least three people was something out of the ordinary for him," Robert said.

Cops say Loesch and Hanson are two very dangerous ladies, and if they aren't caught, there's no telling what they might do next. Head over to AMW.com to get the gruesome details on the path of destruction that police say they've already left behind. While you're there, watch the exclusive interview with convicted killer Brad Steckman.

Then, Saturday night, tune in to help us turn these lesbian lovebirds into jailbirds once and for all.

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