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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is feminism about equality ~ Not in the 21st century it isn't

A debate is going on over at Antonia Zerbiasis' (AZ) blog at the Toronto "Red" Star http://thestar.blogs.com/broadsides/2008/12/group-gripe.html?cid=143137750#comments I've commented three times shown below. Perspectives on the feminist cause certainly differ and are not likely to change anytime soon. This all got started from a quote attributed to AZ as follows "Feminism is about equality for everyone. There is no such thing as one group getting "more" equality or equal rights than others. It is impossible." That's like waving a red flag in front of those of us sidelined and marginalized by the feminist agenda. First Post:


You are using misleading feminist propaganda when you state things like women make 71% of men. You do yourself a disservice and frankly I liked you up until I read that.

Women who are doing the same job as men make exactly the same amount and will go to the top of their pay scale as do men depending on their length of service. A cop, a teacher, a public servant, an assembly line worker, a reporter - dare I say - or are you accusing your employer of discrimination and sexism, et al.

The difference in overall average pay arises due to factors such as men work longer hours at more demanding and hazardous jobs. How many women tunnelers, miners, explosive experts, riggers, derrick workers are there? How many feminists do you think were in the World Trade Towers rescuing people, how many feminists are on the front lines in Afghanistan. None. Zero. Nada.

Men are more likely to travel, relocate or have long commutes for their jobs.

Men are more likely to have more consecutive years experience, because women are more likely to work part time or take years off of work to care for their children. Many women stay-at-home and are not earning income.

Given these factors, it would be very hard for men to not earn considerably more than women. It is not discrimination. Do you consider facebook posters reliable sources of information?

Mechanisms exist to deal with the other factors you raise such as similar pay for work of equal value. If women still have concerns they are ghettoized compared to parking lot attendants they have legal and personal choices. One of them is to change careers. I have a question. Are feminists by nature also self described victims. It is odd that the verbiage seems to indicate you are a permanent underclass of victims.

Second Post: This post was in response to a feminist who calls those of us who differ with them "Woman Haters" or the favourite which means the same thing Misogynist. This is the most common form of rebuttal on feminist blogs when someones logic seems to be defeating a certain argument thread. I call it the nuclear bomb of the feminist - normal people discourse. It is designed to be the final solution for someone who is losing an argument in order to indicate "my minds made up and facts won't change my view one bit."

Haha Edson. Finally it comes out, as it does when some people discussing feminism have a difference of opinion the nuclear bomb of those who differ is dropped in that we are misogynists AKA "woman-hating." Oh dear now the rhetoric has been ratcheted upward and you wonder why we disagree with feminists who live back in the dark ages.

Feminism is not about equality - its about domination and if you truly believe it is about equality then you aren't reaching out very far to see the real world. Edson is part of that real world with her/his over the top rhetoric. There is an organization called "Real woman of Canada". They know they are equal and don't whine. They "Do."

Did you know that in family court having a difference of opinion with your female ex can be construed as abuse. That is a feminist construct. For those of us who disagree with you its not about hate its about fairness.

When the Irish settled this country and in the USA we were treated like lepers but we persevered and won equality through hard work, determination, and credible job performance to overcome the myths we we were lazy drunks. We are clearly not lazy :)

That is now ancient history and we don't need a union or a society of Irish to sell anyone on the idea of equality. We are equal and that is that. The female who is making less in a different job should do what a man does - move jobs sideways or apply for the job that pays more and stop whining. I started my first job at 35.00 a week - the lowest of the low - but I didn't whine about it. I kept applying for better jobs. Guess what I eventually persevered again and again. Guess what - if females start moving out of the low paying jobs to others then perhaps supply/demand will indicate to the employer that turnover is too high and look at the pay rate.

Feminism is not about male female...it is about getting more entitlements through whining than anything else. It is a negative word in many quarters - including "real women". You need to examine the movement in the context of the 21st century not keep seeking more money for perceived value. Earn it on merit not in handouts.

And finally Number 3: Some of the posters still actually seem to believe Feminism is about equality. Yes in the 60's and maybe even the 70's but it went way past equality a very long time ago. Now it is about billions of dollars in entitlements. In Ontario alone the budget for women only issues is $208,000,000.00, and not one red cent is allocated for men and no man can access any one of the 577 DV shelters across Canada - yet. That will change as it is truly anti-gender and discriminatory. It was recently declared unconstitutional in California and we all know what happens when a trend starts there. A certain number of feminists will always argue that men dominate in many areas including lawmakers. Then how come men can't get shared and equal custody of their children, why is it that men always seem to have to pay the most emotionally and financially when it comes to marriage breakdown even though divorce is initiated in over 85% of the cases by females. Let me elucidate a little for you. Marketers know that most of the shopping is done by females. The man hands over his share of the money and the female manages it. This is a dumb move by men. Marketing, therefore, to females is more important to all major companies save those whose products are dominated by men, like pick-up trucks and hunting stuff. Now if you are producing a sit-com where the man is a buffoon and the wife sensible you are very likely going to attract the kind of person you want to purchase your product. Can you think of any sitcoms where 2 parents are involved the man isn't a buffoon? After all it reinforces the notion females, therefore feminists, have it all together and then some. By the way there are a lot of females involved in media production but the suits that run the big studios and networks are mostly men. Go figure what a man will do for his shareholders aay. Gee, he will pander to feminists and real women who are the buyers of many of the products advertised. The government law makers in legislatures do have men as a majority but Quebec's cabinet is 50-50. Why, if men so dominate, can feminists command such influence for the billions spent on women alone across this country? Because male lawmakers have been convinced by feminist organizations, largely funded by taxpayers, that their agenda should be followed because women as victims buys votes. Its like motherhood and apple pie and sells well even to many men including those in the judiciary. My reply is turning into a dissertation and I should cut it off soon. Those of us who are victims of the feminist agenda know full well equality does not exist in many areas especially family law. If you tell a divorced or separated man all you want is equality expect to get a difference of opinion. He doesn't hate you but he will be, in all likelihood, passionate in his response. I adore women - I dislike demagoguery and ideologically driven people, some of whom are feminists, who pull cherry picked statistics out of a hat to caterwaul to the world how hard done by they are. It does a disservice because I'm sure some women are put at a disadvantage on occasion because, for some jobs, they may not be physically strong enough. That also applies to some men. I am an amputee and I could not entertain being a cop, firefighter, soldier, or any other job such as brain surgeon requiring greater dexterity than I can muster. Well I don't whine about it. I sucked it up a long time ago and focused on what I could do well. It worked in my working life - not in marriage where my choice was a disaster - and I'm paying for it now. If you truly want to be equal and show men you think they are above buffoonery and can actually parent then join a shared parenting association or write your MP to get it enacted in the next session of parliament. Then you will get a different reaction from scribblers like me. Antonia - you are in a position of influence as both a feminist and writer. Use your position to influence your sisters and politicians to change the law to equal and shared parenting, barring abuse, as a presumption upon divorce or separation. Posted by: Mike Murphy | December 21, 2008 at 10:25 PM

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