I have met and heard the tragic stories of many parents. PA is a function, by and large, of a custodial ex-partner, although some alienation can start while the couple is still together.

This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa is a Canadian Citizen ~ Official statement by Canadian Government

I was posting a comment to the National Post story on Santa being a Canadian Citizen and hadn't realized I was limited to 500 characters., A minuscule amount for such a profound topic being scribbled about by an Irish-Canadian imbued with copious quantities of written verbiage. So here is the rest. The column giving Santa Canadian citizenship is here. http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1108114 I've always believed Santa was Canadian but of very special status. He is also warmly welcomed as a temporary citizen of beneficence and goodwill around the world. After all he can be viewed as the main representative flowing out of Christs birth some 2008 years past but transcends one specific type of religion and has no problem in spreading his cheer and good will through out the whole world, not just one particular religion. In other words Santa is not beset with the baggage of being "the one true representative of the one true religion" yet shows through his corporate mission statement that he believes in the golden rule which transcends everything. He is a person of action and few words. My children now believe he is fictional but it was magic every Christmas morning when I could overhear their excited whispers - before getting me out of bed - about how this magical man got everything in the house so quietly. I also will never forget the profound words of one of my 4 daughters as were driving to a store one December after I told them their older sister and her husband were coming to visit over Christmas. She said dad "we must tell Santa that they are coming to see us so he will know to bring their presents to our house". I almost cried at her concern. Santa is a magical creation and we need to afford him the benefits of Canadian citizenship with extensions to the rest of the world. And he resides in a multicultural nation as well, what better choice for a world representative to live!