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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some interesting statistics on single mothers ~ If you want a child to be more vulnerable then put them in a single mother environment

Single Mothers, the Children, their Homes and the obvious case for Equal Shared Parenting

Compiled by Paul Clements FRA (US)

37.8% of single mothers are divorced, 41% never married, and only 6.5% widows.

Brookings Institute, “Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Single Mothers”, Part 2, 3/22/04

“The strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison, is that they were raised by a single parent”.

C.C. Harper and S.S. McLanahan, “Father Absence and Youth Incarceration”, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Assoc., San Francisco, CA, 1998

In 1996, 70% of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long sentences, were raised by single mothers. Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, NO.6, June, 1997

72% of juvenile murderers, and 60% of rapists came from single mother homes.

Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live?” Tyndale House , 2004, p.323

70% of teen births occur to girls in single mother homes.

David T. Lykken, “Reconstructing Fathers”, American Psychologist 55, 681,681, 2000

70% of drop-outs, and 70% of teen suicides come from single mother homes.

Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents,” IMPRIMIS 26, N0. 6, June 1997

70% of runaways, 70% of juvenile delinquents, and 70% of Child murderers, come from single mother homes.

Richard E. Redding, “It’s Really About Sex”, Duke Univ. Journal of Gender Law and Policy, Jan.1, 2008

“Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous, and more likely to end up divorced.”

Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, No.6, June, 1997

“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.”

Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996, p.31

63% of all youth suicides,

70% of all teen pregnancies,

71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,

80% of all prison inmates, and

90% of all homeless and runaway children came from single mother homes.

Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007

Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)

Children brought up in single mother homes are:

5 times more likely to commit suicide,

9 times more likely to drop out of high school,

10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,

14 times more likely to commit rape,

20 times more likely to end up in prison,

32 times more likely to run away from home.

Chuck Eddy, “The Daddy Shady Show”, Village Voice, Dec. 31, 2002

“America has more than twice as many teenage births as other developed nations.”

Isabel V.Sawhill, to House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, June 29, 1999

86% of American teen births are out of wedlock.

Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future of Marriage In America”, Rutgers Univ., The National Marriage Project, 2007

600,000 out of wedlock births in 1979.

Patrick Fagan and William H.G.Fitzgerald, “Why Serious Welfare Reform Must Include Serious Adoption Reform. Heritage Foundation Reports, July 27, 1995

Less than 1% of children born to never married women were placed for adoption from 1989 to 1995.

U.S. DHHS, Child Welfare Information Gateway, “Voluntary Relinquishment For Adoption, Numbers and trends, 2005

In 2003, there were 1.5 Million unwed births, and less than 1% were put up for adoption.

Fagan and Fitzgerald (above)

Only 4% of college graduates have illegitimate children, and only 16% of college graduates get divorced, compared to 46% of high school dropouts, who marry in smaller numbers to begin with.

Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future Of Marriage In America; “The Frayed Knot – Marriage in America”, The Economist, May 26, 2007

50% of single mothers are below the poverty line, their children are 6 times more likely to be in poverty than children with married parents.

Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live”, Tyndale House.

85% of homeless families are single mother families.

Barry H. Waldman and Stephen P. Perlman, “Homeless Children With Disabilities, “ The Exceptional Parent, June 1, 2008 (American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers.

Jason DeParle, “Raising Kevion”, New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004

There were 3 million single mothers in 1970 and 10 million in 2003.

U.S. Census, Table FM-2, All Parent/Child Situations, by Type, Race, and Hispanic origin of Householder, 1970 to 2003

The illegitimacy rate went up more than 300% since 1970.

House Ways and Means Committee, Nonmarital Births to Adults and Teenagers and Federal Strategies to Reduce Nonmarital Pregnancies, appendix “M”, 2003


Anonymous said...

The usual response of single-mothers-by-choice and their apologists to these sorts of figures is that a correlation isn't proof of a cause. They'll say for example that the presence of a father doesn't improve a child's educational achievement; it's just that fathers only show an interest in bright children. The sheer number of these 'correlations', however, should overcome such arguments.

Michael J. Murphy said...


Sorry for my tardy delay. You are quite right.

A recent UK study out of the University of Newcastle, UK does give a clear indication that fathers can and do make a difference in the academic achievements of their children. I believe it also showed a father's interest can also boost IQ in certain circumstances. It clearly showed that for the overall well being and proper development of a child the dad is very important.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you do more research... having a good father around is definetly needed. There are lots of fathers in the picture.. who aren't positive influences, who also contribute violent non, emotional behaviour due to witnessing it in a household headed by 2 parents.

Michael J. Murphy said...

The stats speak for themselves.

Many households have both male and female roles models who are bad examples. Domestic Violence in households is about equal betwen genders and in one CDC study found younger females as instigators in 71% of cases. The gender feminists have created a mythology surrounding the violence of men.
There is a gender war because of it. I am but one soldier in the fight to counter act those myths. It isn't personal but it is important.

I wish you the best.