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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Plan Canada (Foster Parent Plan) Guilty of Sexism and False Advertising for donations

Mike Murphy 

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30 December 2009 18:41
Because I am a Girl campaign


Dear Plan Canada Administrators:

re: I am a girl campaign - http://www.becauseiamagirl.ca/learn/partners-and-affiliates.  http://www.plancanada.ca/,

I am a very confused  father of 4 daughters 2 of whom are out of school and the 2 youngest  are doing quite well in our school system.  I see your PS ads on TV focusing on the 3rd world and below I see your description of your organization. The bolding is mine.

Plan is a global movement for change to help children in more than 45 developing countries.
  • Each year, our work impacts the lives of more than 3.5 million families and their children in over 25,000 communities.
  • Plan is a not for profit organization and we work with people of all different religions and cultures. (but apparently not genders)

You say you are helping children and families but all I see is a very visible campaign for girls. http://www.becauseiamagirl.ca/ Although Ontario, where I reside, is a "have not" Province within our Federation,  we are not yet a 3rd world country save some aboriginal reserves. It doesn't say anything about boys who for many years in Canada have been way behind girls  in terms of academic achievement. In fact boys seldom see a male teacher in their first 10 years of education.  Here are a few of many areas favouring females in this country. Serious imbalances in degrees granted, approximately 60% female - 40% male-and vast reduction of men in University, the demographics of the Federal Public  and Ontario Public Services 55% female), the teaching profession - in Ontario a 400% imbalance of females in the 20-30 age cohort, ( with the disintegration of the family few male role models thanks to social engineering by Family Court Judges), the health profession dominated by females, 90% sole physical custody to moms, 75% of divorces initiated by females.  We seem to live in a very female centric society and I'm frankly tired of seeing boys suffer the consequences.

I can understand helping girls in the 3rd world overcome some of the disparities they may suffer but no such societal impediments exist in this country other than through feminist mythology.

Actions do speak far louder than words. I am contemplating filing a  human rights complaint against this blatant sexism within Canada, which will have a negative impact on your organization and your sponsors. Would you advise what, if anything,  you have in store for boys and whether you are diverting funds donated by people to help third world families to this discriminatory effort toward a single gender in Canada? I'm certainly never going to donate one thin dime to your cause ever again nor purchase anything from your sponsors and I will advise all my fellow males across Canada to do likewise, unless I get some satisfactory answers.

I will also be publicizing this through my blogs.

I await your response.

Mike Murphy

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Is this real life?

Do you know ANYTHING about the situation of women in third world countries? The countries that this charity aims to help?

As a feminist, I support the efforts to achieve equality between men and women, and I recognize the fact that some men are treated unfairly within Canada in terms of parental alienation, but Plan Canada's purpose is not to deal with this.

They are an amazing charity that works to help women in third world countries, not first world countries.

Did you bother to do ANY research about the charity, or did you just start making blind accusations using statistics that are not relevant in any way to Plan Canada (Or Because I Am A Girl)'s cause?

I'm sorry that you've suffered so much, and feel so much hatred towards women as a whole, but for the love of God please educate yourself next time before you go lashing out and making yourself look, quite frankly, like an idiot.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Dear Anonymous:

You can clearly read but not for comprehension. You would have noted in my article I was aware of the 3rd world situation. Calling people names such as "idiot" says more about you and your ideology of feminism than it does of me.

If you do the research you will find Plan Canada is spending money, ostensibly for 3rd world problems, in this country and indeed trying to get my daughters to use things like the cell phones I pay for to give donations. They do this through sessions in our schools and elsewhere.

Their whole approach to this is giving many people the wrong impression on their motives. It has created a backlash they deserve.

By the way I don't hate women but I do have major problems with today's 3rd wave narcissistic feminists, who believe they represent all women. Trust me you do not! You seem to fit the bill of a typical 3rd waver victim feminist, however, given your importune use of language and epithets and air of superiority.