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This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Spoilt Generation by Dr Aric Sigman

My ex is a very passive parent and actually rewards the children by letting them reach in a box for toys if they stop fighting. Since she has kept temporary custody (what an oxymoron that is) since 2005 the children have a lot of power. Rather than being disciplined they are rewarded. The message the bigger sister might get from this is all I have to do is beat up my smaller sister to get a toy. This is what happens in single mom homes where no authority figure is present and, in addition, because she works the kids come home to an empty house every day and fend for themselves. Meanwhile I'm available 24/7 but the courts do not want to sway from their 14% visitation. Their social engineering contributes to negative outcomes for children.The book is very timely. Every Family Court Judge should read it and then truly make custody decisions for children in the best interests of children who have two loving and fit parents available on an equal basis.MJM Review In the news UK

Thursday, 05, Nov 2009 08:48

Published by Piatkus Books, out now, paperback, 208pp, £12.99.

In a nutshell...

Parents need to learn to say ‘no’

What's it all about?

Many households in today’s society have two parents at work. This decade has seen the highest proportion of single households in Britain. The knock-on effect is children are often left to fend for themselves, with time-poor parents struggling to attend to their needs. Kids are therefore increasingly turning to TV and their own peer groups to satisfy their needs.

Dr Aric Sigman believes that a growing lack of adult authority has led to a 'spoilt generation' of children who believe grown-ups must earn their respect. Spanning the class divide it leads to problems ranging from obesity to teenage pregnancy, he explains. The lack of discipline in classrooms is well-documented, due to children of this generation becoming used to having their demands met by people in authority. The solution? For adults to get tough and assert their authority again, without question.

Who's it by?

In his press biography Dr Sigman would like you to know that he leads by example. He cooks from scratch seven days a week, does the washing up by hand and walks his children to school. Such forthright views on parenting are popular enough to have made him a fixture on daytime television and radio.

He does however have the academic credentials to back this up. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, he writes a Brain and Behaviour column for the Times Educational Supplement.

As an example...

Dr Sigman is not afraid to stoke the fires of debate by taking a stance. His manifesto is as follows:

"Children of the spoilt generation are used to having their demands met by their parents and others in authority, and that in turn makes them unprepared for the realities of adult life.

"There is now an urgent moral and legal imperative incumbent upon legislators to help restore authority to children's lives. Adults must be legally empowered to deal with both their own and other people's children without the fear that they may be confronted or prosecuted for doing so."

Likelihood of becoming a Hollywood blockbuster

As a non-fiction manual for parenting there is little here to inspire the dreamers of Hollywood. Spend twenty seconds Googling the title however and you will find it has received enormous coverage from some unusual sources. One minute it is being discussed by the BBC, the next it is being championed by splinter pressure group Real Fathers 4 Justice.

What the others say

Reviews have been in the main positive, congratulating him for his boldness of vision. I think he's hit the nail on the head," is the praise from Dr Miriam Stoppard writing in the Daily Mirror. Jane Alexander of the Telegraph also praises his directness, commenting "Dr Aric Sigman doesn't pull his punches".

So is it any good?

Last month a 15-year-old boy made headlines across Britain after being suspended for refusing to stand when the headmaster entered the room. Rather than remonstrate with his son the father fully supported him, saying that the new headmaster "had yet to earn his respect".

It is this example of child parenting which bothers Dr Aric Sigman and which he tackles in The Spoilt Generation. In first chapter Little Emperors: Their Rise To The Throne, Dr Sigman believes the way we parent used to be intuitive but has now become the subject of political fashion. The result? A generation of children spoiled far beyond materialism.

It takes Sigman precious little time to get stuck into the solutions. He deplores the reluctance of adults to exert authority, and reintroduces the concept of saying "no" and facing the unpleasantness that goes with it.

So far, so obvious perhaps. Yet his views range into areas which may make some uncomfortable. As part of the drive for authority, Dr Sigman is open to the idea of smacking in the context of a loving family. He also believes that ADHD is often diagnosed wrongly in children who simply have been brought up badly.

As a work guaranteed to ruffle feathers the book has helped Dr Sigman rapidly move from fame to notoriety. As a result it suffers slightly from being more of a manifesto than an analysis. However The Spoilt Generation is refreshing for its unashamed promotion of old-fashioned parenting.


Marcus Dubois


In the UK ~ Fathers 4 Justice in city centre protest

9:33am Wednesday 4th November 2009
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A campaigner for father’s rights has attempted to scale the roof of Oxford Magistrates’ Court. Roger Crawford, 60, a member of Fathers 4 Justice launched a protest this morning. Mr Crawford, from Meppershall, in Bedfordshire, was dressed as superman as he attempted to climb the building in St Aldate’s earlier this morning, before being caught by security staff. It is believed the campaigners have now taken their protest to the street outside.

philg, Oxford says... 2:44pm Wed 4 Nov 09
I thought the crown court was in St Aldate's, and the Magistrates' court in Speedwell Street. The campaigners I saw were certainly outside the Crown Court. Get the facts straight

Mike Murphy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada says... 5:30am today Thu 5 Nov 09
Roger well done. Its good to see a man closer to my age still spry enough to try and get on roofs as well as have the passion and love for children you do. Its always a good day when we draw attention to the dysfunction of family courts no matter what court house it is.


Feminists Rant ~ Rudov’s Sexism Strikes Again – Takes On Shriver’s “Woman’s Nation”

A new post on a Feminist propaganda site lambasting Marc Rudov and my observations. Here is a little dose below of the greater than "equality" you have and at the same time you have the impudence and audacity to call a man sexist for challenging you on it. Where are the good old days when feminism was about equality not advantage. There are imbalances in the gender equation favouring women and you do nothing to try and stop the gender war but keep adding flame to the fire. You still use your outworn, outmoded and tiring shaming tactics to call men misogynists for challenging female advantages and feminists. You equate people like me who have absolutely no use for your feminist propaganda as hating women. Not so girls - I just hate your ideology based on victim hood. Some day you will actually grow up and be able to stand on your own two feet without the nanny state as your new patriarch. Have a peek here and see if this is equal. Professor Mark Perry at UoMichigan shows the following: Associate’s degrees: 167 for women for every 100 for men. Bachelor’s degrees: 142 for women for every 100 for men. Master’s degrees: 159 for women for every 100 for men. Professional degrees: 104 for women for every 100 for men. Doctoral degrees: 107 for women for every 100 for men. Degrees at all levels: 148 for women for every 100 for men. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Equality is a two way street but if I were a man I would start taking notice of the clear swing of the pendulum in education and elsewhere.

Fox News regular Mark Rudov has taken on Shriver’s recent “A Woman’s Nation” report in a sexist, demeaning column at Accuracy in Media on Monday (hat tip to Media Matters). In an extended sexist rant, Rudov gripes about legislation that protects women from rape, domestic violence, and harmful workplace practices, arguing that they have come about only because “spineless men fear retribution from feminists and sexual retaliation from their wives for writing, passing, enforcing, and adjudicating gender-neutral laws.” In his “analysis,” Rudov illustrates his relentless misogyny yet again and conveniently ignores the millions of American citizens that support protections for women, as well as a history of violence against women that has made such legislation a necessity. In a snarky closing, Rudov offers a “silver lining in your estrogen cloud” which states that America is a “matriarchy, a gynocracy. Women are in control. They no longer need, and therefore cannot require, men to support them financially — at any time, in any way, for any reason.” However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the Shriver report marks an historic turning point in the American workforce – which is now half women – it also outlines some of the ways we need to grow as a country, many of which Gloria Steinem wrote about in her exclusive for the Women’s Media Center, “It’s Not a Man’s World or a Woman’s Nation.” And with nearly 20% of cable-watching Americans claiming it as their main source for national and international news, Rudov’s frequent appearances on Fox News spread misinformation and sexism which is destructive to these goals. Have you witnessed sexism on your television, computer screen, newspaper, or radio? Help the WMC monitor the media, and tell us about it. http://womensmediacenter.com/wordpress/2009/11/rudovs-sexism-strikes-again-%E2%80%93-takes-on-shrivers-womans-nation/#comment-6375