I have met and heard the tragic stories of many parents. PA is a function, by and large, of a custodial ex-partner, although some alienation can start while the couple is still together.

This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

In London Ontario a Lecture ~ Domestic Violence in Divorce: Propaganda and other Fictions

An Evening of Awareness in Relation to Domestic Violence
Guest Speaker: Roger Gallaway 

Lecture title: Domestic Violence in Divorce: Propaganda and other Fictions 

Domestic Violence industry leaders have also been invited to make a presentation at this event. 

For more info, please call
519-614-8713 or email lepcinfo@gmail.com 

Crouch Library 
550 Hamilton Road (west of Egerton)

Presented by The London Equal Parenting Committee and Crouch Library
6-9 pm , Thursday, March 11, 2010 

(6:30 – 7:00 presentation, Q & A to follow)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Could this be a Tale of a Eunuch ~ Michael Bowerman: A man's view of women's studies

Behold below a "believer" in the Feminist mythology of oppression that hasn't existed in the western democracies for generations.  He is a fully indoctrinasted eunuch who now touts the plight of women in countries, mostly governed or dominated by sexist religious practices. You never saw the stridency because you were already a sycophant. Did you ever try to disagree?  Not likely with that degree of affirmation you were a "bad boy" for being part of the evil patriarchy.

What the new feminist talking points state is these international situations keep the fires burning for the Sisterhood at home even though we Sisters outshine males on nearly every social indicator in Canada.  We must have the international state of affairs as constant reminders (and indeed to keep the tax dollars flowing) that we are still victims.

I note you avoid the DV numbers on the home front which are pretty much equal yet studies show females are more likely to initiate physical abuse against their male partner and Lesbians have a much higher rate. Might I remind you they are both female. Why do females initiate at a greater rate than men. Simply because of people like you telling them they can from an early age onward.  They will reduce their injury rate by not initiating.

Please do not try to equate the situation in western democracies with countries ruled by theocrats pretending to be democrats in a largely illiterate Islamiscist fundamentalist region.

If feminists were so interested in helping these people why don't you recruit them in your missionary work and get them on the ground working with the Afghan women and government officials.  I suggest they would not last a week and would be on the way home very soon or if they persisted in their stridency to impose western values on illiterate peasants would probably end up in jail or worse.

You are beating a dead horse as many other missionaries have done in the past. How far has Africa progressed after more than a century of missionary work? Not overly far.  Your solutions are not the answer in the 3rd world and will not see success.

You are obviously a fully indoctrinated feminist or pro-feminist spokesperson, however. Hopefully you don't have a son currently enrolled in  K12 whose odds of getting into University are decreasing and if you ever hope to be a grandfather pray your son doesn't get divorced as his  ex wife will get physical custody (90% chance unless she is a proven drug addict) and may act as a gatekeeper over access.  You may never see your grandchild and because of people like you this will continue to be the status quo.

You show all the signs of a highly feminized male who may not know what is like to be masculine. Its a pity.
If you truly believe in equality push for equal shared parenting for fit partners after marriage. That is the real test of egalitarians.  Eighty percent of Canadians think it should be the case. Do you?

Another poster who is also a feminist retorts:

@nichD The best way to insult a man supporting women studies is to try and slag him as being feminine.

Posted: February 22, 2010, 3:00 PM by Chris Selley

I was trapped — surrounded by feminists. Ordinarily, being the lone man in a room full of women would be a dream come true, but the first day of my women’s studies class I was distinctly aware that I might be considered an interloper, a foreign agent — the enemy. I wanted to learn, though, and was prepared to face hostility if I had to.

Feminist thought intrigued me. I had learned about feminist economist Marilyn Waring who suggested what sounded like radical common sense to me. Waring proposed economics ignored much of the most important activity in the world — raising children, caring for the sick or elderly, the enormous energy and time required to maintain a home. She felt it should be accounted for. I agreed — and wondered what other bright ideas might be found in the feminist camp.

There were plenty – and most of them felt like the same radical common sense. That the lower rates of female participation in a variety of domains — from business to politics — might represent something other than a lack of talented or interested women, and be squandering enormous talent. That sexual and domestic violence disproportionately affect women and need to be stopped. That equal work deserves equal pay.

Other ideas struck me as less convincing — I didn’t find the Spice Girls’ advocating Girl Power in lipstick and mini-skirts inconsistent or troublesome as some did. Fortunately feminism itself was split on such issues, as were my fellow students. What was described as a homogeneous philosophy by outside critics was dynamic, fragmented and alive inside the classroom.

Even more powerful for me though, was that when that gender analysis was taken to the international stage the disparity moved from disturbing to appalling. Sexual slavery, female circumcision, lack of property rights, denial of health care, the murder of female babies and ritual burning of widows. The lectures opened my eyes to numerous tragedies which feminists were sounding alarms about, rigorously analyzing and crafting solutions for.

While I learned that feminists led the charge on such critical issues around the world, early on in my women’s studies class most students resisted the feminist label as though it was a contemporary scarlet letter — a badge of shame. The incongruence between the laudable accomplishments of feminism and my classmates’ hesitation to celebrate those accomplishments highlighted a strange outcome of the cultural clash over women’s rights.

Feminism won its major battles, and seems in the process of winning the rest. Voting rights and equality are enshrined in law, women are swelling the ranks of law and medicine and outnumbering men in many university programs, and Sex in the City is reconciling women’s desire for femininity with their career ambitions. Even motherhood and homemaking are making comebacks with maternity leave nationally mandated. All of which suggests that feminism has won the culture war so completely that it may well be the most successful social movement of the modern era.

Yet feminists are often still characterized as shrill, strident, man-haters. It was never shrill or strident to call for voting rights, equality of opportunity, an end to sexual violence, or the opportunity for women to pursue a career. It was actually boorish and ignorant to criticize these advances. The myth of the strident feminist persists anyway, a bitter echo of opposition from debates feminism long ago settled and won.

History is normally written by the winners, but in feminism’s case the sore losers kept the pen. This is tragic because around the world feminist progress remains critical. Much work needs to be done to empower women and girls — and to get it done we need people to know that feminism and women’s rights are important and interesting areas to study and work in.

And it is important and interesting work. Feminists fight to protect girls from violence encountered seeking education in regions where education is freely given to boys; battle the injustice of sexual slavery; protect helpless mothers denied property rights in spite of local laws; and more. All of this work makes our world a safer and more just place.

The attacks I was prepared for on my first day of class never came. I was never crucified for the real or imagined sins of my gender. Instead I learned feminists weren’t the bogeywomen they were portrayed as — they were resented for being consistently ahead of their time, but undaunted in continuing their important contributions to human progress.

National Post

Mike Bowerman works in financial consulting and supports girls’ education in Afghanistan through The Canadian International Learning Foundation, www.canilf.org, and the Central Asia Institute, www.ikat.org

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear CBC: Finally an article of balance from the Liberal Left Propaganda Machine

Dear CBC:

You have finally published an article that clearly shows Intimate Partner Violence is not a gendered issue but something far more complex. You are starting to act like a real news outlet and not a propaganda machine for Feminist mythology that all men are abusers and all women victims.

Men do not report abuse for a variety of reasons many of which are consistent with social mores. Men are stronger so how can he be a victim forgetting of course that weapons are great equalizers. Women use these tools with great force and do cause injuries that seldom get reported as DV. Did you see Tiger Woods chivalrous interview. He made a specific point of denial his wife clubbed him even though the most logical conclusion is he was beaten with a weapon and he fled for his life. How else can you account for the most focused and controlled golfer on the planet suffering facial injuries, having both rear windows smashed in and he crashes his truck at less than 33 mph adjacent to his driveway.

Men are ridiculed when reporting abuse and in the marketing of products often made the brunt of humour by having their bodies abused by others or inanimate objects. It’s funny to strike a man – not so funny to show females in the same light. Both are inappropriate. It sends children the wrong message.

Hundreds of studies over decades show the mutuality of IPV. In recent ones conducted for the CDC it shows a 70% initiation rate by females. Studies also show women get injured less if they do not initiate. Why do they initiate more often. Again, social mores. Men, as boys, are socialized not to hit their sister, or girls even if bigger and not to retaliate against girls even if bigger. Girls learn this and so they do it because they can.
If the woman starts it and the man defends himself causing inadvertent injury he is hauled away – no questions asked. He can lose his home, his children and much of his income, sometimes his job. Suicides for men rise considerably because of this. At least 8 men per day die at their own hand across this nation.

One of the worst forms of abuse and revenge by the ex wife is rampant in this country and supported fully by the judiciary. The taking away of a father’s children which occurs in a 9-1 ratio favouring mom. Females initiate divorce in over 75% of cases knowing full well they will get sole physical custody with tax free child support and sometimes spousal support unless they are provable drug addicts.MJM

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/02/22/f-vp-smol.html#socialcomments#ixzz0gOZ9gAiL

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dr. Donald Dutton speaks at Vancouver Island University on Domestic Violence ~ Time for a New Approach

MARS BC - The Men’s Affordable Resources Society of BC
and The Faculty of Social Sciences - Vancouver Island University


Dr.  D o n a l d  D u t t o n

Professor  of  Psychology

U n i v e r s i t y   o f   B r i t i s h   C o l u m b i a

Time for a new approach
How can we all be part of the solution?

7 pm- Friday March 19th - 2010
Vancouver Island University
Student Services Building
Bldg 200—Room 203

“...the stereotype of the male as a bully and the female as hapless
victim is not supported by the data. Surveys from 1989 to 2007
keep finding the same thing; the most common form of domestic
violence is two-way - both partners assault each other at about

the same level of severity.…” Dr. Donald Dutton

Live internet webcast of event available—go to www.marsbc.com
For more information Phone: 250-716-1551 or email: info@marsbc.com

Friday, February 19, 2010

Australian Government operates a campaign of misandry based on mendacity

Medianet Logo AAP Logo
 Medianet Release

17 Feb 2010 5:30 AM - Minister misleads Parliament on domestic violence

Men's Health Australia. Find us on the web at 

Minister misleads Parliament on domestic violence

A leading men’s health organisation today claimed that the Minister for the Status of Women, Hon Gail Gago MLC, misled Parliament by maintaining that false statistics on the Government’s Don’t Cross the Line anti-violence campaign website are accurate.

Men's Health Australia also lodged an official complaint with the Ombudsman last Thursday after five months of attempting to draw the Minister's attention to the major statistical errors on the website. The complaint alleges that the Office for Women acted unreasonably by publishing and not correcting this false and misleading information.

Men’s Health Australia spokesman Greg Andresen said, “The Facts and Stats page of the website is extremely misleading to the public. It clearly inflates statistics about domestic violence against women while understating statistics about domestic violence against men.”

Men’s Health Australia is supportive of all efforts to reduce interpersonal violence in the community but is concerned that the regular use of incorrect or misleading ‘statistics’ by Governments unfairly stigmatises men and boys as violent and abusive, while simultaneously denying services to male victims of violence.

They are also concerned that the Government’s approach is not in the interests of all children in families where there is abuse or violence, but selectively favours those children in families where violence is perpetrated by the father. The other one-third to half of children have to fend for themselves without support.

On 14th October Minister Gago defended the misleading statistics in Parliament, claiming that “the data on the Don't Cross the Line website is sound.”

Some of the campaign’s errors alleged by Men’s Health Australia include:

·     Overstating the annual number of women victims of domestic violence by almost 400%

·     Overstating the number of women killed in domestic violence situations by 86% while ignoring the one in three victims of domestic homicide that are male

·     Incorrectly claiming that 95% of domestic violence involves a male perpetrator and a female victim, when in actual fact at least one in three victims of family violence are male

·     Ignoring the fact that as many young people have witnessed physical domestic violence by their mother against their father, as have witnessed it by their father against their mother

·     Ignoring the research showing that equal numbers of young males and females have experienced domestic violence or have been forced to have sex by their boyfriend/girlfriend.

·     Incorrectly claiming that domestic violence is the main cause of death, disability and illness in young women (the main causes are actually anxiety and depression, migraine, type 2 diabetes, asthma and schizophrenia).

 “All victims of violence deserve campaigns based upon up-to-date accurate data, and the tax-paying public doesn’t deserve to be misled. Flawed data such as this can only lead to flawed policies and actions, and many children continue to be exposed to violence because of these myths,” said Mr Andresen.

“Inflating statistics on domestic violence against women risks generating an unwarranted climate of fear in the community, especially amongst females. It also has terrible impacts upon the self-esteem of boys and the development of their healthy masculinity.

“Understating the prevalence of domestic violence against men makes it less likely that a man will be believed when he finally summons up the courage to disclose his partner’s abuse of him. It also allows Government to continue to get away with family violence policies and campaigns that ignore male victims.”

Media contact:        Greg Andresen        |    media@menshealthaustralia.net        |    0403 813 925

The full complaint and statistics shown by Men's Health Australia to be inaccurate can be found at menshealthaustralia.net/files/dctl.pdf

Distributed by AAP Medianet

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Report on Fathers 4 Justice BC members arrested at Olympics while Advocating for Children's Rights to have both Parents in their Lives

The following is a report on the staging of the protest today on the very high, very busy and very famous Lions Gate Bridge allowing traffic to cross over from the City of Vancouver to North Vancouver.

This brief summary is courtesy of Wikipedia

The Lions Gate Bridge, officially known as the First Narrows Bridge,[1] is a suspension bridge that crosses the first narrows of Burrard Inlet and connects the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, to the North Shore municipalities of the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. The term "Lions Gate" reflects the Lions, a pair of mountain peaks north of Vancouver.

The total length of the bridge including the north viaduct is 1,823 metres (5,890 feet). The length including approach spans is 1,517.3 m (4,978 ft), the main span alone is 473 m (1,550 ft), the tower height is 111 m (364 ft), and it has a ship's clearance of 61 m (200 ft). 

Prospect Point in Stanley Park offered a good high south end to the bridge, but the low flat delta land to the north required construction of the extensive North Viaduct.

The bridge has three reversible lanes, the use of which is indicated by signals. The centre lane changes direction to accommodate for traffic patterns. The traffic volume on the bridge is 60,000 - 70,000 vehicles per day. Trucks exceeding 13 tonnes (14.3 tons) are prohibited, as are vehicles using studded tires. The bridge forms part of Highways 99 and 1A.

On 24 March 2005, the Lions Gate Bridge was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[2]

Greetings liberators from a very tired Batman.
This morning at 5:00 am the Burnaby Batman and Robin QC scaled the Lions Gate Bridge (Olympic Route) in West Vancouver BC in support of not only the cause we hold dear but in support of our Olympic athletes as well. 
The BC Hulk also was on scene and chained himself to the bridge deck while our superheroes placed their banner and Canadian flags high upon the structure. Within minutes of our superheroes being aloft the authorities converged upon the bridge in great numbers.

At one point from my lofty perch I counted 12 police vehicles on the bridge deck and another 7 at the foot of the bridge on the north side. Amazingly they left the bridge open and only shut down the middle lane. Our photographer who was on scene was quickly arrested and taken into custody. The BC Hulk was able to remain chained to the bridge deck for just over an hour before authorities were able to cut him loose from his chains.
Batman and Robin remained upon the bridge structure high above authorities for 4 hours before being talked down. Upon our descent to the ground below media was allowed to move in to capture the pictures and footage. We saw several TV cameras on scene as well as many journalists with cameras. 

My understanding is we have already been all over the news this morning and on almost every radio station out here. The 4 of us were all taken into custody, charged with mischief and have our first court appearance on March 10, 2010 in North Vancouver BC. We were held in custody for several hours and released with promises to appear. 
The photos that were taken as I discovered were no good as it was to dark, the video footage shot during execution of the stunt was also not useable do to the darkness. As such the only pictures I have at this time were the ones shot with Robins cell phone upon our lofty perch. (ed note those in the story) I have included a couple of them with this message and will provide more as it is made available to me. As such anyone who is able to record any footage from the news stations and or newspaper articles from the same is encouraged to get them to me ASAP.

Best Wishes all and more updates will be forth coming after I am well rested.

Together we will change the world.

Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice Canada 

Video of Bridge Protest and Arrest





Four facing mischief charges for climbing onto cables in Lions Gate Bridge protest

Two men dressed as 
Batman and Robin stand on the cabled supports of the Lions Gate Bridge 
during a protest early Wednesday.

Two men dressed as Batman and Robin stand on the cabled supports of the Lions Gate Bridge during a protest early Wednesday.

Photograph by: Bill Keay, PNG

Four men are facing mischief charges after two "superheroes" climbed onto the cable supports of the Lions Gate Bridge, disrupting morning rush-hour traffic on Wednesday.

Two men dressed in Batman and Robin costumes, claiming to represent Fathers 4 Justice, secured themselves atop the cables shortly after 5:30 a.m.

Two other men involved in the protest were arrested on the bridge deck as police closed the centre lane to traffic.

Despite keeping two lanes open during the nearly three hours the men stayed over the bridge deck, southbound traffic was badly congested through the morning rush.

The men climbed down on their own around 8:30 a.m. and the bridge was fully reopened.

West Vancouver police are recommending mischief charges against a 59-year-old Surrey man and three men from New Westminster aged 37, 46 and 54. They were released on a promise to appear, with conditions, and are due back in court on March 10.

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