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This blog is a story of experiences and observations of dysfunctional Family Law (FLAW), an arena pitting parent against parent, with children as the prize. Due to the gender bias in Family Law, that I have observed, this Blog has evolved from a focus solely on PA to one of the broader Family/Children's Rights area and the impact of Feminist mythology on Canadian Jurisprudence and the Divorce Industry.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Barbara Kay: London, Ontario Police statistics on domestic violence show classic signs of abuse

Barbara Kay, Posted: January 28, 2010, 5:08 PM by Jonathan Kay 

After six years of service, Chief Murray Faulkner, 57, of the London police force is expected to announce his retirement at noon today.

He leaves with a statistical stain on his record. For 2007 his department's statistics under the heading of domestic violence (DV) show that there was one DV homicide of a woman by a man, but zero homicides of a man by a woman. Not true.

On June 6, 2007, in a shocking case of love gone awry, police inspector Kelly Johnson, inflamed by her lover, retired police superintendent David Lucio's ending of their affair the day before, shot Lucio in the head with a .40-calibre Glock pistol (which she was not authorized to have in her possession) as he was driving his van through downtown London, and then killed herself with the same gun as the van careened into an apartment building.

If Johnson were a man, the case would have been labelled a cold-blooded DV murder, and exploited as yet another example of the pandemic of male violence against women. But the incident was spun as a kind of bilateral tragedy with no villain, just two victims.

Critics of Faulkner have long grumbled about his preoccupation with male violence against women and his tendency to downplay or ignore female violence against men. Normally it's tough to get the evidence to back up such a claim. But the  obviously purposeful refusal to classify the Lucio murder as a case of DV, when it so screamingly is a world-class example of DV at its worst, supports Chief Faulkner's detractors' claim of bias against male victims of DV.

Naturally this lapse calls all the other statistics in Faulkner's tenure into question. We all depend on statistics to help us make up our minds on issues, so it is extremely irresponsible to muck around with them in support of an ideological position. Presently the London police 2007 statistics tell us that DV-related homicide is 100% male on female and 0% female on male. In fact it is 50-50. It would be fitting if Chief Faulkner's last official act were to admit that the Johnson/Lucio homicide was indeed a case of DV, have the 2007 statistic formally changed, and give his successor the nod to review all the stats on DV posted during his tenure.

Jan 28 2010
5:33 PM
The admission will never happen, just like all marriage breakups are also the fault of the man.
by Rhino Party Whip
Jan 28 2010
5:47 PM
He made her do it.  The bastard.
by paulcerar
Jan 28 2010
6:04 PM
What are you talking about?  It is obvious that firearms are to blame for this!  If we ban all guns no domestic violence would take place.
by fixchildrensaid
Jan 28 2010
6:16 PM
Faulkner was exposed just a few days ago for fraudulently mis-classifying these statistics.  These false statistics have also been used to elicit money from taxpayers in order to specifically fund police activities that relate to the persecution of so-called inherently violent males.
The question should be asked at to whether Faulkner is retiring because he is running from potential fraud charges.
by Neilio74
Jan 28 2010
6:37 PM
Barbara Kay is a truly heroic writer!
by Tossed Salad
Jan 28 2010
7:11 PM
Thank God for Barbara Kay. The only writer who has the, ahem, balls to take on this issue. With empirical statistics proving that women are as likely to be the initiators and perpetrators of domestic violence it is a crime in itself that women are allowed to get away with it. Not to mention overwhelmingly been the murders of children.
by maths1
Jan 28 2010
7:20 PM
An exposure of either Chief Faulkner in statistical, department protecting deceit, or more generously Grade 8 failed on his c.v.
The mathematicians for whom I record  have  reported corruption * in public spending to police in Ottawa since Asst. Commissioner Poudrette, RCMP in 1963, and to all Ottawa police chiefs from Seguin through  to current Chief White , letters and 60-page reports, without acknowledgment.
Likewise, presentations to Ottawa Boards/Police Commissions are hidden by false minutes, further sheltered by removal of Chair/Councillor Herb Kreling  to sinecure.
This was  (then Ontario Attorney General) Michael Bryant's preference replacing the two days in open court for which we had petitioned.
We similarly petitioned Bryant's successor Chris Bentley for our two days * in Court: he too preferred that the rackets * continue, and McGuinty/Bentley accomplished the resignation of Bryant to sinecure.
(A petition has been filed for related character evidence to the court hearing of Crown versus Bryant fiollowing the violent death of a cyclist in Toronto).
This continues to endanger principled public servants  *, mathematicians * and police *
(see RCMP file GC-310-26-4-1, for wide ranks of police who endorse by letter our right of access to open Court).       *

Denis Pakkala
Jan 28 2010
7:23 PM
Thank you Barbara Kay for your honesty and integrity.  You are a hero!
An excellent article was written by Grant Brown in the Western Standard
Women are always victims, even when they're not
"When women commit murder-suicides, there are extenuating reasons and circumstances that explain and make understandable why they did what they did. Not so with men."
by Denis Pakkala
Jan 28 2010
7:27 PM
I would postulate that Chief Murray Faulkner is retiring because the discriminatory bias of police training has been publicized through his own dumb statements … domestic violence is a “gender problem... Men, and what it is to be a man in our society, (are) the problem.”
I would also postulate that Chief Murray Faulkner’s bias has affected public confidence and created internal dissent in the London Police Force.  There are many hero-type police officers who are eager come to a woman’s rescue without proper investigation.  However, I firmly believe that there are a still a few experienced police officers with intelligence, objectivity and ideals of truth and justice.  There will be increased public dissent and internal dissent in Canadian Police Forces as long as they continue their discriminatory policies.
The London Police Services are no different than most Canadian Police Forces in their discriminatory training programs and policies that train officers to use gender profiling (dominant aggressor model) in domestic violence cases.  The only difference is that Chief Murray Faulkner has been very public about this gender profiling, whereas most police chiefs would publicly state that the laws are gender neutral and downplay any significance of gender profiling.  Their new police chief will likely be far more careful and political, but nothing will change!
For Canadian men, the police can not be trusted.  Record everything, they are accountable only to themselves!
There is a recent news story about a male victim of serious female violence.  I am extremely worried that these cases happen far too often, where a male victim of abuse is not provided any counseling or advocacy to deal with an abusive female or escape from an abusive relationship.  It is horrible to be in an abusive relationship; however it is particularly egregious when there is no help available, simply because you are a man!
Court: Rothesay woman avoids jail time and still lives with the victim
January 27th, 2010
HAMPTON - After beating him with a frying pan and stabbing him with a kitchen knife, a Rothesay woman avoided jailtime and returned home with her victim/boyfriend.
Judge Henrik Tonning couldn't deny if the male/female roles were reversed, the penalty would likely be harsher.
Instead, he followed the joint recommendation of Crown prosecutor Kelly Winchester and defence lawyer Al Levine by sentencing Mary Lisa Joyce Carrier to a six-month conditional sentence, followed by one year's probation for assault causing bodily harm.

Tonning said domestic violence is a big problem that cannot be tolerated.
"Domestic violence is problematic," he said. "This is a situation that's fraught with danger. These situations can, in fact, turn into fatalities."
He said if the role was revered and it was a man who beat his girlfriend with a frying pan and then stabbed her repeatedly, he is "doubtful" the sentence would be as light.
"More likely he would be incarcerated for a significant period of time," Tonning said. "(But) I don't intend to rock the boat today."
by Denis Pakkala
Jan 28 2010
7:40 PM
Senator Ann Cools speaks to Toronto Police Services about the abuse of fathers as a result of domestic violence policies!
Senator Ann Cools speaks before members of Toronto Police Services on the subject of persecution and injustice committed against men as a result of zero tolerance domestic violence laws in Ontario.  Senator Cools describes how women's shelters are creating "bogus" statistics to mislead the public about the truth about domestic violence.
Toronto criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Walter Fox speaks before Toronto Police Services on the topic of how government funded women shelter advocates in Ontario have effectively bypassed the democratic process using inquests to make their own hidden agenda the law in Ontario.
Ontario's zero tolerance policies and practices that have come about as a result of these inquests have effectively labeled men in Ontario as monsters not worthy of equal treatment under the law.
by OracleMan
Jan 28 2010
7:42 PM
There is a conspiracy, organized jointly by media, social-services, lawyering, and law enforcement, to downplay female spousal abuse and to say that the "serious" kind is entirely male.
 Alberta CBC radio is running a week-long series that continues the conspiracy. Interestingly, the police personnel appearing on radio, and who are reinforcing it, are _all_ females themselves.
by MikeMurphy
Jan 28 2010
7:49 PM
Here is a post I made last week on the London Free Press site with respect to Faulkner's cherry picked stats and clearly anti-male corporate culture. www.lfpress.com/.../home.html
Police Service Culture:--- The recent beating of a man in Vancouver by the Police Service gives an insight into the culture of these organizations that comes from the top. An innocent man was hauled out of the house and beaten by police thugs based only on the dispatch message they were being called to a Domestic. Man guilty, judged, and sentenced before trial and in this case it was the wrong person. Faulkner has shown his biases through internal administrative activities which are fabricated, his support of the myth that women are not violent, and his speeches speaking untruths about the percentage of domestic homicides. In 2008 in Canada we had a total of 611 homicides, 465 men and 146 female. The rate of homicides with firearms has increased 24% since 2002 largely due to handgun use by gangs. Has Faulkner complained about the gun registry for long rifles being disbanded.
Handguns are still in the registry and more closely controlled than ever but yet usage increases. Gangs don't register their handguns and their members lack good male role models. Does Faulkner play a role in removal of good fathers from families through his biases?
Women victims 24% - lowest proportion ever. Male Victims 76% Both the rate of females killed (0.87 per 100,000 population), as well as the proportion (24%), were the lowest since 1961. 62 spousal homicides - no change from 2007. Lowest rate in 40 years. 45 women 17 men. The percentage of men killed is just over 27% but is actually greater because many deaths of men across Canada do not get classified as Domestic just as Brad (in this case Barbara) has pointed out.
There is a case in Peterborough before the courts where the wife hired a contractor. The question remains what is Faulkner doing about the 76% of men killed each year. Has he walked down the street wearing construction boots as opposed to his red stilettos .
There is a famous (infamous) picture of Faulkner wearing red high heels to parade his misandry that all men are violent and all women are benign.
by Sassylassie
Jan 28 2010
8:05 PM
You are going to make the feminist angry Mrs. Kay, and that's a good thing. We need to haul out the carcus called violence against men into the cold light of day, enough with the coverup.
by abgirl3
Jan 28 2010
8:09 PM
Alberta CBC radio? Who in their right mind listen's to that?
by strw
Jan 28 2010
8:48 PM
Good work, Barbara. You left out some data: Not only did Faulkner et al treat the case as if there were two victims -- he also announced at the time a memorial service to honour both officers. There was quite an uproar about the nerve of the Police Chief wanting to honour a murderer. I'm not sure if those plans went ahead; I was too disgusted by that point to even care. On another note, we (Londoners) are still waiting to hear the report on one of his officers -- "Barney Fife" -- who very willy-nilly shot up a neighbourhood one night. That report's probably been buried.
by OracleMan
Jan 28 2010
8:49 PM
"Alberta CBC radio? Who in their right mind listen's to that? "
Abgirl, when the Devil is living off your tax money, don't ignore what She's doing with it. That's what She wants you to do.
by MikeMurphy
Jan 28 2010
9:09 PM
@ by OracleMan Jan 28 2010 8:49 PM
I am agnostic and have doubts about the whole god/devil thing but I love your analogy to the CBC and this creature.
If there is a devil she is surely a feminist who rose to the top of the ranks in that nether world.
by alex36
Jan 28 2010
9:19 PM
it doesn't belong in DV stats because it's not domestic!
domestic violence is defined as violence between people of the same family or who live together. they didn't. here's the quote that explains everything, from the day it happened...
"We can confirm that there was a relationship between these two people, but the exact nature of this relationship is the subject of our investigation," said London Police Chief Murray Faulkner.
if you need an investigation to verify that they had a relationship, it's clearly not ``domestic.''
by OracleMan
Jan 28 2010
10:10 PM
Well that's a convenient excuse, Alex. Especially when there are hubbies supporting a separated wife & kids -- who live in a different apartment. Still married, not co-habiting, she shoots him, no DV. Great stuff for the spin doctors.
by Denis Pakkala
Jan 28 2010
10:11 PM
Alex, living arrangements are not the deciding factor in the definition of domestic violence, hence the newer term "Intimate Partner Violence".
It is violent or abusive behavior within an intimate relationship, regardless of biological relationship or living arrangments.
In the case of Johnson and Lucio, they had a 3 year intimate relationship which was ended by Lucio.  The investigation was ordered by Chief Murray Faulkner to provide a cover-up for a murderous female.
Chief Murray Faulkner has commited fraud and negligence in his duties to the public!
by MikeMurphy
Jan 28 2010
10:59 PM
@ Alex:  The whole point of the column is you cannot believe anything Faulkner does or says with respect to DV or IPV.
You have fallen for his gibberish but then so have many others over the years, including the London Free Press management.
The rules for what constitutes IPV are largely made by feminists and adopted by useful idiots like Faulkner and can be as small as shouting at your spouse or ex spouse or ex partner no matter where they reside all the way to death.
Be careful what you say. Jail is only a shout away if you are a man!
by Smokey4531
Jan 28 2010
11:31 PM
These institutions get millions of taxpayers’ dollars every year promoting these lies, anything which is in contravention to their ideology is covered up and buried.
They ignore the taxpayers who have built their institutions and pander to a small minority of feminists, who are professional spin doctors.
With no transparency and a real show of contempt for the truth, is there a difference between Stalinist Ideology and their own? Sounds like a Marxist nightmare to me.
How many people believe this is just another cover up raise your hands, let see; one, two, etc. etc. the cover up conspiracy wins the vote by a landslide.
B.K I’d buy you a bullet proof vest but the government is trying to make them against the law too. Have you no fear?
by fixchildrensaid
Jan 29 2010
12:12 AM
Alex... Not an incident of Domestic Violence, huh?
This is taken from the London Police Service's 2007 In-House Domestic Violence Statistics, from which Barbara Kay obtained her facts:
"What is Domestic Violence:
Domestic Violence is any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship, including emotional/psychological abuse or harassing behaviour.  Intimate relationships include those between the opposite-sex and same-sex partners.  These relationships vary in duration and legal formality, and include current and former dating, common-law and married couples."
By the London Police's own definition, therefore, it was indeed a Domestic Violence murder.
Furthermore, Faulkner's statement that you quoted sounds like it came from the TV statement that he made the day of the murder-suicide, correct?
Perhaps you can speak to some of the London Police Officer that I have spoken to, who were infuriated that Faulkner made those statements, leaving it up-in-the-air as to who was responsible despite the fact a determination of guilt was made within minutes of the officers' arriving on scene.
Faulkner did this - yet again - to avoid laying appropriate blame on yet another female perpetrator of Domestic Violence.
by Ambrose99
Jan 29 2010
12:19 AM
Here we go again, Barbara Kay trying to undermine her own sex. Violence against women is an epidemic world-wide and Ms Kay trots out a couple of examples of violence by women against men.
  Perhaps it hasn't occurred to her that such violence is so unusual, it tends to get downplayed.
  As for the turkeys who admire Ms Kay's writing, what you are admiring is a one-dimensional thinker with a startling lack of originality or insight.
by fixchildrensaid
Jan 29 2010
12:43 AM
@ Ambrose...
If female-perpetrated Domestic Violence is so rare, then why would Murray Faulkner feel the need to LIE about this murder being what it was: a DV incident?
Simple.  Female-perpetrated DV is not nearly as rare as you believe it to be.  But then again.... your views are based on those very statistics that Murray Faulkner and others have the power to create - which are fraudulent statistics.
by Sassylassie
Jan 29 2010
12:56 AM
As usual Ambrose you partake of personal attacks to the op eder and retreat like a coward. As for your assertion that women aren't violent wanna hang with me me when I have PMS?
by rkozga1
Jan 29 2010
12:58 AM
Certain societies throughout history, dominated by certain regimes and/or calculating-manipulative classes of people, have had to endure imposed (conditioned) mindsets (i.e.: prejudices, stereotypes etc...), where facts, reality and truths were ignored, camouflaged, even denied.
To limit (or restrict) “what must never be uttered” about (some) Canadian women (i.e.: their bad behaviours, faults, shortcomings, mistakes, crimes and evil ways), while perpetuating at every opportunity the ridicule, abasement, denigration, even demonisation of men, has been the recurring all-too-Canadian way, since the early 1970s. It is refreshing to read Barbara Kay, who pierces through the layers of denial, hypocrisy and gender double-standards.  Please keep up the good work, and many thanks to The National Post.
by MikeMurphy
Jan 29 2010
1:25 AM
by Ambrose99 Jan 29 2010 2:19 AM
Here we go again, Barbara Kay trying to undermine her own sex. Violence against women is an epidemic world-wide and Ms Kay trots out a couple of examples of violence by women against men.
Ambrose is a eunuch and a chivalrous drone. ignore it - maybe it will go away.
It also wants to see 90% of males wiped off the planet. It may well be some kind of sicko as well.
Oh and just so you know dweeb London Ontario is in Canada which is the topic. You know - our country. Has that managed to sink into your otherwise usefully idiotic brain! :)
by Ambrose99
Jan 29 2010
1:30 AM
It's not a personal attack, Sassy, it's an attack on her writing, which is fair game. When she writes about gender issues, Ms Kay always seems to take the male side. Hence the one-dimensional comment.
  Her shallowness on this issue is revealed by the fact that violence against women is the single-most specific form of violence we have. No other type of violence comes close in quantity.
  Violence against women is systemic. Violence by women amounts to the odd occasion. To make an issue of these few cases is to grossly distort the true picture.
  Barbara Kay presumably knows all this, but she insists on highlighting the rare instance of violence by women. She's a sham.
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
1:49 AM
Ambrose, fess up and tell us about the gal you're shacking up with. Is she human or an inflatable? Does she dictate your trolls?
  Turning to much better things, I loved Sassie's invitation, to hang with her when she has PMS. First dibs go to me. We could arrange to meet at the firing range. I'd stand behind her, not beside.
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
1:57 AM
Ambrose (don't take my dig above personally) Ms Kay does not simply "debate." She researches her topics and writes about it.
 If she endorses "the man's side" in this article, it's for 2 reasons that I can see: 1) because she's discovered in her research a tissue of lies against men; and 2) because few other mainstream writers  report this controversy honestly.
  Hence the need and interest in her writing. Look up 'disingenuous' and get your head around that accusation against your postings.
by Ambrose99
Jan 29 2010
2:22 AM
Rectificatif--a couple of examples does not a tissue make. Barbara Kay finds an odd example through research. So what? She is indirectly trying to minimize systemic violence against women. She is a charlatan.
by Rhino Party Whip
Jan 29 2010
3:06 AM
Ambrose provides pretty much the best endorsement for a Barbara Kay book I can imagine.
by Ambrose99
Jan 29 2010
3:34 AM
Barbara Kay is a pathetic, sexually frustrated old hag who desperately tries to suck up to men. What other explanation is there?
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
3:46 AM
Ambrose, the one case BK has cited is not "a case of dv," but THE case of a _politicised police official_; the case she reports on is about an official who has misled the puboic, about intimate-partner violence. Period.
  Beyond that, she places that case within the context of an ongoing URBAN MYTH about domestic violence, a myth that has been constructed as the propaganda pillar of N. Americal feminism.
  Now, why does BK come back to this regularly? I suppose it's because she knows how it illustrates a permanent issue in today's world: how feminism uses lies to degrade men's natural and civic rights.
  In Ms Kay's case, she actually cares about it. Wow, what a concept.
  I have to ask: can you read? You're myopic on this one, and it would seem deliberate.
Jan 29 2010
3:47 AM
Recent studys have shown that conservatives have sex more often and enjoy it more than liberals.Perhaps thats because conservative women actually like men.Thanks Barbara.
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
3:52 AM
As you can all see from my typos, I'm learning Chinese. :>)
by Smokey4531
Jan 29 2010
3:54 AM
Charlatan; the only charlatan is you Ambrose99, if you are a male at all it is very unlikely, unless your wife or you are part of a family counselling DV clinic industry. In which case neither of you are human beings so it really doesn’t matter.
London has the highest number of millionaires by percentage than any other Canadian City. They are influenced by these radical feminist who have been educated in the same biased schools that these feminists were educated in. The same Alma Mater so to speak, with the same distorted perspective on male and female violence, from the same nourishing mother.
Did you know; that police officers have a higher incidence of killing themselves with their own guns than killing a criminal or anyone else. Yes they have a really high suicide rate compared to the rest of us law abiding citizens. So before the next police officer takes a gun and puts it in his hand to end his or her life, reflect on what is said here today, in that the majority of Canadians just wanted you to do the right thing. Not fall victim to an ideology that will cost you your moral conscience and possibly your life.
Isn’t that what we ask for all Canadians, is to just follow their own moral conscience, nothing more and nothing less.
We have fallen victim to moral revisionism perpetrated by these feminist spin doctors, who have their own self interests at heart. Lies only work for a while then they don’t work any longer, no matter what spin you put on them.
May god bless, and keep everyone safe.
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
4:07 AM
[only we elderly will get this one]:
 Rect: Say goodnight, Ambrose.
 Ambrose: Goodnight, Ambrose.
by fixchildrensaid
Jan 29 2010
4:28 AM
Perhaps Ambrose-type people will understand that something is seriously wrong with London, Ontario (and the rest of Canada) when criminal fraud charges are laid against Faulkner because he intentionally falsified provincially-mandated (MCSCS) statistics?
Funding that was obtained by Faulkner based on those false statistics brings the fraud to a whole new level.
Lastly, Ambrose, have you ever considered how Dave Lucio's parents felt about Murray Faulkner's complete disrespect for their son due to his actions?
by Tossed Salad
Jan 29 2010
12:31 PM
Jan 29 2010
3:34 AM
Barbara Kay is a pathetic, sexually frustrated old hag who desperately tries to suck up to men. What other explanation is there?
Wow your true sexist colours emerge Amby. You are not only misandric you are also misogynistic.  A bit of a temper as well.  Revenge is going to be a biatch for you types.
by Denis Pakkala
Jan 29 2010
1:19 PM
Barbara Kay is well aware of the mountains of research that shows that domestic violence against men is NOT just a matter of a few isolated cases.  It is as serious and pervasive as domestic violence against women, yet it is virtually ignored  (cover-up) by our government institutions and academia.  This is a widescale fraud by public officials and academic scholars!
Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence:  The Evidence, The Denial, and the Implications for Primary Prevention and Treatment., April 2007
Murray A. Strauss
Symmetry in Perpetration Rates
"By 1980 there were already at least ten high quality studies which found that women physically assault their partners at about the same rate as men attack female partners.  By 1995, there were about a hundred such studies.  As of this writing, the evidence is even more overwhelming.  There are about 200 studies documenting equal rates of PV perpetration (Fiebert, 2004).  The meta-analysis by Archer (Archer, 2000) found a pattern of equal or higher rates by women in studies conducted in several national and cultural settings.
Gender symmetry in rates of physical violence may not extend to other forms of abuse or aggression against a partner.  Although there are numerous studies showing substantial rates of sexual coercion by women, men are much more likely to use physical force to coerce a partner into sex, and stranger rapes are almost exclusively a male crime.  Criminal data also suggest that women are more likely to be stalked by their partners and that men are much more likely than women to be perpetrators of parent-child homicide-suicide.  However, these behaviors occur very infrequently relative to non-lethal physical violence in relationships. "
by MikeMurphy
Jan 29 2010
3:30 PM
by Ambrose99 Jan 29 2010 3:34 AM
Barbara Kay is a pathetic, sexually frustrated old hag who desperately tries to suck up to men. What other explanation is there?
Those of us who have met Barbara and not only read her columns but can also comprehend them would suggest that you are indeed a very pathetic example of human kind.  You are, however, typical of the victim feminist who truly believes they are oppressed by this mythical patriarchy and all the lies that float along in its swift and meandering path.
Its like a lot of things out there that take on a religious facade and true believers get whip lash from jerking there heads back and forth trying to fend of criticism.
I say we get useful idiots like this (male, female, it) to head up a search party led by Faulkner to hunt it down and bring it to justice so we can all see it.
Barbara knows both sides of the story and she also knows one side is disingenuous and gets promoted frequently the other does not. She chooses to write the truth and then tools like ambrose (it means would you believe "A sweet-scented herb"LOL)  take umbrage cause it hurts there long established mythic sensibilities.
Methinks this sweet smelling herb is a "Girly Man" or just a fake but has certain psychopathologic traits not in keeping with good breeding when it wants to see 90% of males eliminated consistent with Mary Daly, Marilyn French, et al.  Thank goodness the latter two are dead.
What kind of man would take a moniker of a sweet smelling herb I wonder?
by Sassylassie
Jan 29 2010
4:00 PM
Barbara Kay is a pathetic, sexually frustrated old hag who desperately tries to suck up to men. What other explanation is there?
End quote:-----------
I hope your account get's suspended for your unprovoked personal attack. It's not often I wish I could reach through the computer and make you insult us gals to our face. Cowardly personal attacks is typical of women like you who spend your time sniveling victim victim. Yes Ambrose you are a female of that most of us are certain.
Jest, LOL thanks for the laugh.
by Denis Pakkala
Jan 29 2010
4:28 PM
Barbara Kay is also aware of the many slanderous attacks against other brave truth-tellers on this subject.
The age of political correctness is ending, the slanderous attacks are like water off a ducks back.
The slanderous attacks now have the reverse effect of exposing the lack of intelligent debate for defenders of the discriminatory status quo.
by Rectificatif
Jan 29 2010
4:35 PM
Postscript: The Lesbo-feminist Mission to Alberta (aka CBC Radio) concluded its series this morning on "partner violence" with interviews of highschool-age children, 15 years of age. The kids answered the CBC's questions as if reciting a catechism. It was all about boys threatening and hurting girls. I heard no mention of the coercive and abusive behavior we see in girls far earlier than in boys.
  It was obvious the kids  had learned the answers by rote, in a one-dimensional classroom, possibly to earn marks. They barely understood what they were talking about. ABgirl, this is the way your son/daughter is being taught, and the way your tax money (CBC) is being spent.

Feminist comments on the National Posts Women's Studies Editorial

I note the brave feministas won't comment on the internet blog where the article appeared. I also love their prose which is always typically reactionary and full of self righteous indignation.

 It can be summed up simply because they believe they are on a deserved pedestal. How could you be so offensive about us silly little girls who just want to have fun, equality, the house, the insurance policies, the children, more than half of the ex's net income, going out with the girls, corralling a new sugar daddy to gold dig, take over 60% of university placements, over 400% more of teaching positions in Ontario in the 20-30 age cohort, 90% of positions in government run social services, 55% of the federal and provincial public service positions, a majority of health care positions, oh and yes we want government funding for females because we need protection from the bad patriarchy, we want special privileges in all work places including couches in women's washrooms, we don't want dad's to have shared parenting cause they are incompetent and we want all the services for Intimate Partner Violence cause everybody knows how kind and gentle we are.

It's interesting when you read the invective in their correspondence and see the stats on how violent they really are what kind of different picture arises. Remember the old saying "hell hath no fury..." came from non-fiction material.

Finally their perception seems to be just a tad off as well so you wonder how well they do the jobs they have when it was pretty clear to most of the world who reads the NP regularly the column was likely authored, at least in part,  by the bravest of the brave Barbara Kay. They do no favours for the cause of feminism or their ability to do a job well.

At least they didn't use the more offensive vernacular like the Zerb (Antonia Zerbisasis) did over at the Trawna Red Star when she tweeted:
“F*** you, National Post and the horsesh** you rode in on. Shame on you for these lies."  blazingcatfur.blogspot.com/.../antonia-zerbisias-sea-hag-of-star-goes.html

Such is the state of journalism at the Red Star. Such is the state of feminism in this country supported fully by billions of all our tax dollars at all levels of government including Academia and NGO's (AKA as "Community Groups.")

The best belly laugh of that day was seeing the Zerb make another fool of herself at the expense of Canada's most left mainstream newspaper despite Zerby's disclaimer.MJM


Full Comment letters file: Rude replies from our readers
Posted: January 30, 2010, 4:00 PM by NP Editor
Full Comment gets lots of letters. Occasionally someone likes us. More often letter-writers don't. We don't take this to mean more people dislike us than like us, just that angry people are usually more motivated to share their thoughts.  Some of the messages are really rude, some make no sense at all. Here's a sample, pretty much as they arrived, though last names have been omitted (in those cases where they were provided).

One note: Many writers assume that because I'm the editor of Full Comment, I must write everything that appears. Not so. I don't think I wrote any of the articles credited to me below. Just so you know.

On the death of women's studies (which I didn't write):
Honest to god Kelly, you have to be the most useless columnist in this country.  Nice "column" today.  Did it take you all day yesterday to come with that TURD of an analogy.

What school did you graduate from, just curious?  I can't imagine the sequence of events that led to you getting a prominent gig, you're so entirely superfical and overtly biased- to the point of a child- it's amazing.

Keep up the crap contributions to Canadian journalism.  You're a disgrace, SERIOUSLY.
What could have been an interesting discussion and the real posing of a legitimate question has been reduced, thanks to you, to simple minded bigotry. Modern day feminism is changing and the place of women's studies in a contemporary university setting is a relevant question.  You, however, make no effort to legitimize this inquiry and instead post ignorant, generalized, unfounded and uneducated series of statements in an article on the internet that are hateful and wrong.

From what research and/or experience is your article based on?
Who are these feminists and general theys you speak of?
Have you ever experienced a women's studies course in your life?

Irrelevant of any of this,  I am deeply offended by the work you have put up on the internet under the guise of reporting and ask that you ammend your editorial.


How could you publish this crap? have you even read it? Whats next, 'black history month is still with us"? do you realize how horribly trashy and offensive you come off as? This is disgusting, your paper is garbage and I'm sure no one I know will ever pick it up again.
It seems that none of your 'editorial board' have the education or the intelligence necessary to keep up with the times, you sad pathetic brutes. Shame on you.



You are sadly very  misinformed and obviously misogynist. Do you know 
about factual journalism?  Your 'piece' in the National Post (I 
hesitate to call it an editorial or journalism or even writing) is 
close to libel and slander.
What intellectually impoverished universe do you inhabit?


Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2010/01/30/full-comment-letters-file.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage#ixzz0e7F0WrSu
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From Singapore Media - Missing: Andrew John Thompson

by theAsianparent  
Filed under Features, News
IMG19thumb Missing: Andrew John Thompson

Imagine giving your little boy a piggy-back around the garden, tickling him till he’s giggling non-stop, carrying him in his adorable pair of Pooh Bear pajamas and watching his face light up with the most beautiful smile when he sees you come home from work. These are little enjoyments that Ken Thompson has gone without for a year and a half. Ken’s little boy, Andrew John Thompson, has been missing since April, 2008.

He was abducted from Australia on 24th April 2008 by his mother,Melinda Thompson and both have disappeared without a trace. They traveled from Australia to Europe via Singapore but from Europe, there has been no trace of them since and could now be anywhere in the world.

Since December 2008, NSW Fire Brigade Deputy Commissioner Ken, together with a number of international search organistions, have embarked on a massive search to find Andrew through the Global Search for Andrew Email Campaign. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube sites have also been established for Andrew and they’ve had many thousands of hits. Interpol had issued alerts in 187 countries
n555905476 1880745 973 150x150 Missing: Andrew John Thompson

Melinda could be using the name Melinda Margaret Stratton and she could be using the name Stratton for Andrew as well.They could also be using other names and false identities. The authorities and Ken hold very serious concerns for Andrew’s emotional & physical well-being, and for his mother’s as well.
Before their disappearance, a psychiatric report found Melinda was suffering from a mental condition that affected her judgment and her ability to parent effectively. However, for Ken, finding Andrew is his priority now.
Melinda Thompson speaks fluent German, English and French. She is blonde with brown eyes. Andrew has fair hair and brown eyes. The public has been advised not to approach Melinda Thompson if seen.
Family and friends of Andrew contacted TheAsianparent.com to share this story with us and appeal to anyone who may have a clue to where Andrew is. So Moms and Dads, please help this family out by Facebooking this info, Tweeting about it and basically try to reach across as many people as you can. The more people we reach, the greater our chance is of finding Andrew. Let’s make it a priority in helping reunite this little boy with his father.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Andrew and Melinda, please contact local police, Interpol, or the Australian Federal Police at +61-2-6126-7777.
For more information do pay a visit here.
Do also spend a few minutes and watch this video of Andrew John Thompson